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Losing power during a storm is always frustrating, particularly during storm season. But if you ask the best Frisco electrician how to prevent power outages, his answer is likely to be the same every time—during severe storm season, power outages are inevitable. However, you don’t have to go without power. Without an alternative power source, you’re likely to stay in the dark, but your best Frisco electrician can assure you that, with a generator, you never have to go completely without electricity.

Gas-Powered Generators — Are They the Answer?

Best Frisco ElectricianWhile gas-powered generators have been the norm for some time, and they have proved to be a reliable means of keeping electricity on in the midst of a power outage, homeowners have found that owning one may not be without its problems. For instance, homeowners who live under a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) may find that there are restrictions prohibiting them from owning a gas-powered generator simply because the HOA may not allow generators to be placed outside of a home. This renders a gas-powered generator obsolete, since it can’t be placed inside your home due to the fumes. Those who live in apartments or condos face a similar challenge, as they may lack the outdoor space necessary for a gas-powered generator.

If you think this limits your options for power during an outage, however, don’t fret. Indoor generators may be just the ticket for you and your family to keep power on while the rest of the neighborhood’s electricity stays off.

Indoor Generators — An Eco-Friendly Solution

Indoor generators bring with them a myriad of benefits that go beyond keeping your lights on. Built specifically for indoor use, an indoor generator is a safe alternative power source that you can feel good about using.

Rechargeable. Indoor generators use batteries for power, so all you have to do is plug them into an existing power supply to charge. In the event of a power outage, power will stay on seamlessly as the unit picks up where the outage left off. In addition, some generators can be charged with wind and/or solar power, so you can charge your unit without being plugged into the grid. Fully charged, an indoor generator can keep you powered anywhere between 2 hours to seven days.

Gas-free. Because the generator is battery-powered, there are no fumes to worry about and no gas to burn off.

Custom-made and easy to store. Depending on the indoor generator you choose, they can be customized to fit the décor of your home, keeping your home looking neat while also making it simple for you to store your unit.

Simple to install and affordable. Indoor generators are more affordable than you might think, and they are easy to install, so you can have peace of mind right when you need it.

You don’t need to be the best Frisco electrician to recognize the benefits of an indoor generator. ElectricMan, your neighborhood electricians for over 27 years, can help guide you through your options. Contact us today by visiting our website at or call us at 972-792-7270. Comment right here on this blog if you have any questions, or you can also contact us on any of our social sites!
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Texas Residents Face Blackouts in 2012 According to Plano Electrician

Electrician-PlanoTexas power customers, exasperated over last year’s bout of power outages and rolling blackouts, can expect 2012 to be as bad or even worse, according to Plano electricians.  With a new round of government-imposed environmental constraints, a lack of desire by the utilities to install new capacity, forecasts of higher-than-average temperatures, and the continuation of the drought, power production will be low, while consumption will continue to rise across the state.  Plano electrician, ElectricMan, warns consumers to prepare now to avoid the nearly inevitable blackouts that Texans will undoubtedly face during 2012.

 The list of issues concerning the supply of electricity in Texas is long.  First, the state has its own power grid, so it is essentially isolated from the rest of the nation.  It can’t get power from the outside during peak demand periods.  Plus, new rules from the EPA went into effect January 1 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, forcing the immediate shutdown of two power plants in the state.   On top of that, since all power plants need a supply of cooling water to operate, the state’s drought and low water tables may force up to 3000 megawatts of power-generating equipment to shut down as early as May.  According to Plano, TX electricians, one plant was forced to shut down in 2011 for lack of water.  Add to this an increasing population and projected record summer temperatures, and the likelihood of blackouts will be at an all-time high.

Indoor-GeneratorFortunately, for customers of Texas power utilities, it is possible to avoid the headaches and potential damage to electrically-operated appliances in a blackout with some foresight and wise investing.  By using a savvy electrician, Plano TX residents can take advantage of the latest technology in back-up power systems to service their houses during power outages.  Homeowners can continue to enjoy all the creature comforts they expect, even if their neighbors are in total darkness.

The latest advancement in backup power supplies is the Indoor Generator, which uses a bank of batteries to provide emergency power to the home.  Unlike traditional engine-driven units, these indoor generators are quiet, require no messy fuel handling, have no smell, and produce a more efficient supply of power for home appliances.  Even better, customers don’t have to use power from the power company to charge the batteries.  Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, can be used to charge the batteries by installing solar panels or a wind turbine along with the unit.

A reliable, reputable Plano, TX electrician can set up customers with a system like this quickly thanks to innovations such as the Power Cart, a mobile trailer which combines a battery-based indoor generator with four solar panels and an optional wind turbine.  The indoor generator takes advantage of the sun and wind when available to power the batteries, relying only on the power company or second backup generator if the batteries deplete.  The system can provide a continuous 3.6 kilowatt output, and has on-board electronics to tell the Power Cart to sell power back to the power company using wind or solar power when possible.


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Emergency Power Systems: Indoor Generator For IT Operations

Emergency power systems are vital for any business or IT operation to keep mission critical systems operational and avoid equipment damage during a power failure. Don Jennings, President of Network Computing Technologies discusses the value of emergency power systems in preventing the loss of electricity to data sources and other IT operations such as servers, point of sale systems, PC’s, routers, switches, telecommunications, and other equipment. The Indoor Generator offers IT professionals an affordable solution that provides hours of backup power at a fraction of the cost of current UPS products on the market. For more information on the Indoor Generator, visit the ElectricMan Inc. website at


Solar Energy For Residential Applications By Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

solar energy for residentialHow many times have you looked at your electric bill and felt “dizzy”? Solar Energy For Residential applications can provide an incredible relief from this monthly occurrence. Costs for photovoltaic cells, also known as solar panels, have drastically decreased over the years making Solar Energy For Residential applications a much more viable solution. Now your Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. is offering a solution that will be incredibly valuable for homeowners.

In conjunction with the Indoor Generator, which allows you to store your own produced energy and program it to use that electricity when you want it, whether it be in an emergency or to avoid peak usage charges, highly cost effective solar panels can be installed in areas that you may not have thought were possible. Whether you want a solar panel that is easily portable and storable, like these collapsible solar panels, a small solar panel for condos or apartments, or if you have room on your roof for stationary solar panels, Solar Energy For Residential applications can be flexible to nearly any situation.

Solar Energy For ResidentialNot only will solar energy lower electric bills, but it also allows you to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, and start producing your own green renewable energy, increase your home’s value with its own electrical independence, and even start profiting by selling surplus energy back to the electric company depending on the application. Your children and your children’s children will appreciate the steps that you have taken to improve the environment that they will live in.

Another incredible value is the tax credit that the government has created for homeowners who install renewable energy solutions in their homes! The government is putting such an emphasis on green energy solutions, that if you install a system like Solar Energy For Residential applications, or any other renewable energy source in your home, the entire system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, making this solution even more cost effective than ever before. To be eligible for this tax credit, the system must be installed before December 31, 2016, but why wait?

You can start declaring your electrical independence now by contacting your local, Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. to discuss Solar Energy For Residential applications. Visit our website at or call us at 972-792-7270!


Why Your Business Needs a Backup Power System – Stay Up and Running When Others Fail

Indoor Generator Backup Power Systems

What happens to your business when the power goes out?

Your business operations are probably reliant upon electricity, like most operations in the modern world of today.  Do you have a backup plan in case the power goes out?  Most other businesses will simply shut their doors and deal with the consequences when the power is restored, but you can maintain business as usual thanks to the innovation of backup power systems.

Also known as emergency power generators, these units are delivered to you with a fully-charged battery that can be put to use the moment you need them.  If your business has experienced frequent power surges or outages in the past, hiring a Dallas electrician to install an Indoor GeneratorTM for your business could be incredibly beneficial.  For certification or insurance reasons, you may have an even greater need to remain up and running.  Your valuable computer or medical equipment will thank you when you save them from the devastation of power surges and outages.

Consider these benefits of having backup power systems installed in your business:

  • Protect computers and data for your employees and clients.  Computers are finicky, and sometimes if they are shut off improperly or subjected to power surges, the hardware and data stored on them can be damaged or lost.  This is especially important if you maintain online data servers for clients.
  • Maintain security through power outages.  It is not uncommon for businesses to be ransacked when security cameras are off and electrical locks are disabled during power outages.
  • Keep point-of-sale systems functional to avoid inconveniencing your customers.  Just because the power has gone out does not mean you can dismiss the needs of your customers.  Emergency power generators enable you to put your priorities where they need to be.
  • Prevent disrupted IT operations. Customers calling in or asking questions online will think they are being ignored if no one is there to handle their inquiries, which is certainly not good for business.
  • Avoid the need to reschedule or cancel appointments.  Along with everything else, rearranging your business’s schedule can be stressful and challenging to accomplish.
  • Defend against financial losses and potential liabilities.  This benefit is at the heart of all the other reasons businesses should have backup power systems.

If you are ready to have a reputable Dallas or Plano electrician get you set up with the best investment you have ever made for your business, you can explore your options for a backup power system and receive a quote today.  The next power outage that hits can either leave you with regret, or a feeling of immense satisfaction with your decision to plan ahead.


Recharging Options For Your Backup Power System

backup power system rechargingMany backup power systems rely simply on a single source of energy for emergency power.  Whether it’s a backup power generator, a backup battery system, or solar backup power, the system is usually flawed because all of your emergency power is resting on a single source.  If we’ve learned anything from Murphy’s Law, it is that a single backup plan has the potential to easily fail in your time of need.

In order to have a truly reliable backup power system, it must have several options for recharging in the event that one or more of your power sources fail.  Here are some of the recharging options available to easily integrate into your Indoor GeneratorTM backup power system:

  • Solar – This power source for recharging backup power systems is free once you make the investment in solar panels, and won’t cause harm to the environment.  With portable solar backup power in the form of solar panel racks on wheels, you will benefit from an easy-to-use system that can be effortlessly used, moved, and stored.  You do not require a permit to use a portable solar panel, and it comes fully assembled for your convenience. Additionally, installing a solar energy system in your home can make you eligible to receive a 30 percent tax credit for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016.
  • City power – In the event that the power is restored, you can simply recharge your backup power system with electricity from the wall outlets of your home or business. This is especially helpful during rolling or intermittent outages when you can store power in preparation for the next outage.
  • Generator – Gas-powered generators can be used as another failsafe to recharge your Indoor Generator unit.  Keeping this as a second or third option enables you to reduce the likelihood that you will pollute the environment through exhaust and noise, or alleviate the dangers of having to handle volatile fuels.
  • Battery replacement – Additional batteries can be kept on hand and swapped out as your initial charge is depleted.
  • Mechanical means – If all else fails, you can use an external source such as your vehicle or a manual external alternator system.

Solar Backup Power System RechargingClearly, having recharging options at your disposal for backup power systems will be essential to their success.  Among these options, solar backup power is perhaps the most reliable, convenient, and clean.  However, the other options are certainly viable as well to ensure your backup power system is able to maintain power indefinitely.

If you have yet to install a backup solar panel to recharge the backup power system in your home or business, contact a reputable Dallas electrician to take care of the job correctly.


What’s So Important About Home Backup Power Systems?

Home backup power system neighborhood at nightAn Indoor Generator™ is a backup power system that is delivered to you fully charged.  The charge is held in the unit’s batteries, which will be available for immediate use the moment you need it.  Everything that requires power from wall outlets will lose its power in the case of an outage.  You can either be left without power or you can implement your home back up power system to stay up and running without worry.

A unit like this is important for people who live in areas where outages and power surges are common.  Even if these occurrences are rare, maintaining power through an outage will provide safety and value in the event that you do lose power.  Also, if you live in a condo or high-rise where gas generators are not allowed, you can still use a battery-powered unit like the Indoor Generator.  Finally, if you have valuable computer or medical equipment, a power outage or surge could destroy them.  Thankfully, an Indoor Generator can prevent this.

Here are the reasons to hire a Dallas electrician for your backup power system installation:

  • Keep your family safe: There is no need to stumble around in the dark for flashlights or candles when the lights are powered by a generator during a power outage.  Plus, there is no need to worry about how long a radio’s batteries will last.  This is important for keeping track of weather and disaster-related news.
  • Stay comfortable with air conditioning and heating during hot or cold weather.  Power outages will not only turn out your lights, but it will also turn off your heating and air conditioning.  For prolonged outages, you can remain in comfort thanks to your backup power system.
  • Avoid throwing out ruined food by keeping your refrigerator running.  This is something that not many homeowners remember about until they go to make a sandwich, hours after the power has gone out.  Anything in your freezer or refrigerator will be spoiled if the temperature rises for an extended period of time.
  • Protect your computer: Not only will the hardware be spared from power surges and harmful power outages, the data on your computer can be preserved with a computer backup power system as well.

In order to get the most out of your investment, you will want only the most reputable Dallas and Plano Electrician on the job.  Click on the link to find out about one near you.