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Electrical Projects a Local Electrician Can Do

Whether you have a scheduled lighting project or an emergency on your hands, there are plenty of situations when it’s appropriate to call in a local electrician. For your safety and sanity use a certified electrician that can provide quality work and can be counted on for years to come.

Installing Tamper-Resistant Outlets
For peace of mind and family safety, have tamper-resistant outlets installed. These have shutters over all openings that must be pressed at the same time to open, such as when inserting a plug. Having this type of devices installed where your children has access to them can prevent a shocking experience —without having to deal with annoying plastic inserts. To ensure correct installation, count on a local electrician for the job.


Learn what lighting projects around the house call for the skill and experience of a local electrician.

Repairing a Wire Damaged from Drilling a Hole in the Wall
Whether you’re hanging pictures, shelves or a TV mounting bracket—or any other reason you might be drilling into a wall—there’s always the possibility that you’ll hit and damage a wire. This is definitely a fix you want to leave in the capable hands of a certified electrician.

To prevent the problem from happening again, use a stud finder and aim for the center of the stud. Before drilling, use a small tipped screw driver to verify you are hitting the stud and not the side. Once you have verified, feel free to drill away.

Upgrading a Ceiling Fan
Many homeowners aren’t familiar with the specific requirements involved in hanging a ceiling fan. First you must have a ceiling fan rated brace and box. You need to also make sure the weighted blades are properly installed to the motor. The motor has specific wiring leads that must be connect to the proper power leads. If there is any question, it’s best to leave this project to a local electrician who has the experience from thousands of installs. The last thing you want, after spending hours on the project, is to have the fan wobble or come crashing to the floor, all electricians will agree, fans looks better on the ceiling.

Re-Doing the Kitchen Lights
Some popular kitchen light upgrades include adding recessed lighting and pendant lights controlled by dimmer switches. Under-cabinet lighting and above cabinet lighting is also an excellent way to indirectly light your kitchen. Your interior lighting project is guaranteed to go smoothly when you trust your home to a licensed local electrician. The upgraded lights add a whole new dimension to your kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

To work with a licensed qualified professional for your next electrical project, please contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is a trusted, local electrician with 27 years of experience. For more information visit the ElectricMan website, and don’t forget to also ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.



As a Plano TX electrician, I can tell you that the year 2011 was a dramatic and eye-opening experience for those of us who realized that our electrical grid is unreliable when it attempts to function in less-than-ideal situations. Any Plano electrician can tell you that without viable solutions to the problem of an easily weakened power grid, North Texas runs into difficulties which can be both costly and potentially dangerous.

North Texas Electricity: A Year In Review

Let’s take a look at the last year’s power grid problems and how they affected our North Texas population.

  • February, 2011: Rolling blackouts during Super Bowl week. Icy, chilly weather took out power in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, forcing area utilities companies electrician-plano-txto rotate electrical outages throughout North Texas. Some Dallas residents reported being without power for hours at a time, without heat or electricity during one of the coldest nights of the year due to the weakened power grid, which couldn’t handle the overload that resulted from the icy weather.
  • August, 2011: A hot, dry, difficult summer. Plano-electricianMounting air conditioning use and increased electricity demand during a 71-day hot streak of over 100-degree weather in August forced the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, also known as ERCOT, to consider going into rolling power outages. The outages, ERCOT said, would ease a surplus of demand for electricity and prevent a wider blackout. During one of the worst droughts in the history of Texas, when temperatures were scorching and unbearable, the power grid failed again, unable to keep up with the demand for electricity.
  • December 2011: Rolling blackouts once again threaten North Texas. Although the end of the year was marked with mild weather, ERCOT announced in early December that, thanks to the drought in the summer and low cooling water levels near power plants, there could be another rough winter ahead for North Texas residents. ERCOT’s CEO, Tripp Doggett, said that, although demand could rise to as much as 60,000 megawatts, current power grid conditions would only be able to accommodate about 57,000 megawatts.

Indoor Generator: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Given all the difficulties we experienced last year as a result of an unreliable power grid, isn’t it time for us to consider solutions that would put reliable power back in our homes? One of those solutions that is worth taking a look at is an indoor generator. Having an indoor generator in your home can:

  • Keep your home powered up during an outage.
  • Prevent your food from spoiling during a long blackout.
  • Maintain comfortable and safe temperatures in your home during an outage.
  • Provide a fuel-free, battery or solar energy powered alternative to gasoline-fueled generators.
  • Provide a noise-free, silent solution to your power needs.
  • Switch automatically to the most efficient power source.

Consider talking to your Dallas electrician today to find out more about indoor generators and how you can be prepared in 2012 for any blackouts and outages that come our way.

Dallas Electricians You Can Trust

With over 27 years of electrical experience, Electric Man Inc. has seen too many families in danger as a result of careless and unnecessary oversights in the use of lighting and electronics. With a little care, a lot of caution and some common sense, your family can enjoy the candy and the costumes and not have to be worried about fires.

For more information on electrical safety and how you can protect your home and your family, or if you need a local Dallas electrician to help you with any electrical issues you may have, check out our other blogs at www.electricmaninc.com and connect with us…

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Pro Landscape: Tips for Improving Your Home’s Landscape Lighting

North Texas Landscape

Landscape lighting can add beauty to your home as well as provide increased safety on your property.  Lighting design can be used to light pathways, highlight your homes architecture, and deter intruders.  When considering adding lighting to your landscaping, it is important to find the right balance of lighting.  Focus on adding lighting to main activity areas like driveways, entrances, pathways, dark areas around windows, and stairs and main focal points such as fountains, trees, or statues.  The following landscape lighting basics can help make the most of your lighting.

Up-lighting: Up-lighting is placing a light facing upward toward an object to illuminate it.  This works well for highlighting the focal points of your landscape or home.  Use it sparingly to highlight objects around your yard like statues, trees, flag poles, and fountains.

Down-lighting: Down-lighting is used to illuminate large areas.  It works well for illuminating entertainment areas such as a patio or a deck.  It also helps to deter intruders.

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting is an excellent choice for lighting paths and stairs by placing lights along both edges of a path or a staircase.  This looks beautiful and has the added safety feature of helping prevent people from tripping and falling.  Accent lighting can also add focus to low-lying flowers, shrubs, and ponds.

Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting: As part of your basic landscape lighting, you have the choice between using 120v and low voltage 12v lighting.  Low voltage has a lot to offer in terms of landscape lighting safety as well not having to dig 18 inch trenches into your yard. Low voltage lighting can be neatly tucked away, just below your yard’s surface.  It is safer in wet conditions, and it offers more precise lighting effects.  Because the lamps (light bulbs) are smaller, it allows for smaller, less obtrusive fixtures.  It can also save you money by having lower energy costs.  Low voltage lighting requires a transformer to convert 120v to 12v which can cause voltage drop (dim lights) if it is improperly engineered.  For this, it is a good idea to ask a professional electrician for help.

These tips will get you started.  For more ideas, ask a lighting consultant for suggestions, and for any questions, don’t hesitate to contact www.electricmaninc.com to find the answers you need!

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ElectricMan Inc. is one of Dallas’ most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com


Heating Tips: Warm up This Winter

Icy House

Even in Texas, it can get chilly.  Having a properly heated home can mean the difference between a happy family and a cold one.  Thankfully, there are a few quick, inexpensive things you can do to make this winter more bearable.  Here are a few heating tips from local Dallas Electrician that can help you stay cozy this winter.

  • Program the thermostat: This may seem counter-productive, but for every degree you reduce your thermostat in the winter, you can reduce heating bills by 5%.  Use a programmable thermostat to make the most of your heating system and prevent unnecessary running of your furnace when you’re not home.
  • Insulate: A properly insulated home will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Even little things like adding foam pads behind electrical outlets and switches can make a big difference.  If you’re unsure about how to perform this electrical repair, talk to a Texas electrician first.
  • Close the shades: A lot of your energy loss can happen through your windows.  In addition to making sure your windows are properly sealed, close your drapes and shades to better insulate your home.
  • Baseboard heaters: Baseboard heaters are a safe and efficient way to increase the temperature of individual rooms.  Consult a Dallas Electrician before trying to install this yourself.
  • Heat pumps: If it’s time for you to overhaul your heating system, consider installing an electric heat pump instead of a traditional gas furnace.  These ecofriendly appliances will reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your heating bill.
  • Use a Power Conditioner: Using a power conditioner can decrease the power bill by 25% for homes that have electric heaters.

These are just a few of the ways you can warm up this winter and make the most of your home’s energy.  If you’re interested in learning more about ways to efficiently heat your house, or if you have other questions about general electric repair, give us a call and we’ll help you design the electrical plan that’s right for you.

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About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is one of Dallas’ most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com


Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

There are many ways to do electrical work, but only a couple of them are approved methods.

Here’s what to look out for from a craftsman‘s point of view:

  • Flying Splices are joints or connections made on the electrical wiring that are not contained inside of a sealed box.
  • Breaker Trips and causes more than 8
  • Turning on certain appliances causes lights to dim and flicker.

These tips come to you from a Dallas Electrician that you can trust. We are available 24 hours, and have been serving North Texas residents and businesses since 2004.

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When it comes to Electric repairs, who do you want in your home?

You wouldn’t just let any old person in your home, would you? Of course not! That same philosophy should apply when choosing an electrician.Our Texas electricians go through background checks, exams, and multiple interviews before joining the ElectricMan team.

We are a family owned electrical repair company in North Texas and we are available 24 hours a day to serve you!

When you have that next electrical emergency, it’s ElectricMan to the rescue!

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is one of Dallas’ most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com


Power Surges and How You Can Defend Your Electronics Against Them

Did you know that proper surge protection could help avoid short circuits and fire hazards?  In fact, using up-to-date surge protectors (suppressors) for your appliances, or even your entire house, could save you thousands of dollars in property damage. These are just a few reasons why surge protection should be of the utmost importance for you and your home this holiday season.

What are power surges?

First, before diving deeper into the different advantages of protecting your home against power surges, it’s important to understand what electrical surges are, and why they’re such a concern. An electrical surge, also known as a “voltage surge”, is an electrical disturbance that can be caused by a variety of spikes in voltage. More specifically, these surges are usually caused by lightning strikes, power outages, short circuits, or tripped circuit breakers. Problems occur when these short spikes in electrical power overload circuits in home appliances and other electronics.

Why is it so important to protect your home against power surges?

For starters, power surges can be very dangerous for you, your family, and your house. Surges are one of the most common causes of house fires, usually resulting from a combination of faulty wiring and irresponsible electronics hook-up by homeowners. This is especially apparent around the holidays.

According to the Cheltenham Fire Department, “when putting up holiday lighting, surge protectors should be used instead of relying on extension cords.” Now, more than ever, people should be cautious about electrical disturbances and the possible danger they pose to their electronics—and even more importantly—their lives.

Even if a power surge doesn’t turn out to be dangerous, it can still be very costly.  As a matter of fact, power surges can pack enough of a punch to short the power supply in a desktop computer, television set, or even a microwave. Basically, anything with internal electronic circuits can be affected by a voltage surge.  That’s why it’s imperative that everyone use surge protectors for each and every appliance in their home.  At the very minimum, one should consider whole-house surge protection, or even just safeguarding higher-priced appliances such as LCD Televisions, microwaves, and desktop computers.

The Benefits of Power Conditioning and how controlled voltage delivery could save you money

Aside from protecting your home from voltage surges, you should also consider the amount of energy that is wasted from many of your appliances. And remember that with wasted energy comes wasted money.

One money-saving solution may be installing power conditioners in your home. Simply put, a power conditioner is a device that delivers clean (steady) power to your devices. It is designed to distribute a stabilized and continuous voltage level which eliminates dips and line static—important for all of you who own surround sound systems in your home theater.

As a consumer, it’s important to be informed about devices and services that can save you money, improve the longevity of your investments (e.g., Flat-panel television, etc.), and even protect your home.

If you have any more questions about power surging, or if you decide that you would like to look into protecting your home against electrical surges, contact our helpful team at ElectricMan Inc. We are here 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.


Electric Service Panels: Federal Pacific Panel Hazard!

There’s been a lot of questions about Federal Pacific Electric Panels.  The Dallas Morning News ran an article on the potential of fire that these panels possess.  As an Electrical Contractor with 27 years experience, I can tell you first hand that these electrical panels are unpredictable and unsafe.  We had a customer who was renting a house and was having an electrical problem. We told her it was due to her electrical panel.  This Federal Pacific Panel was overheating and beginning to melt.  We informed her that she needed to change it.  She got back in touch with us Sunday night to schedule for Monday morning to have the panel replaced.  We told her we would be there at 9am and she said she had to drop her kids off at school and would prefer a 9:30am appointment.  When we showed up at 9:30, she showed up at the same time and we were both greeted by the Fire Department trying to put out the fire in her home due to the electrical panel.

Failure of these panels is not an “if,” but “when.”  A quick evaluation by a licensed and knowledgeable electrician can make a big difference.  Don’t gamble on your security, call and get the free evaluation today!

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is one of Dallas’ most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com