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Licensed Dallas Electrician Tips | Save Money By Using Solar PV, Wind Power And Power Storage

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As a Licensed Dallas Electrician, I’ve learned (and shown you) that it’s easy to save money on your electric bill if you think ahead and put some consideration into the choices you make.  But saving money sometimes means making a trade-off. Far too often, that trade-off has been the environment.  More coal and gas power plants produce more electricity when we want it, but the price is pollution. It’s not a price we always have to pay ourselves, so we tend to ignore it. But our children aren’t going to have that luxury.  Thankfully, people are starting to really think about the effects our choices will have on our descendants. That being said, a lot of “green” initiatives are really expensive, and with the economy like it is, people are stretched too thin to really make an impact.  But what if there were ways to not only help save the environment, but save money too?

That’s the best news of all: there are ways to do exactly that. Solar PV and Wind Power have been around a very long time, but they’ve always been impractical and difficult to apply for your own use. For instance, wind farms may generate a lot of electricity, but they’re expensive, huge and mostly benefit electric companies.  Most people don’t have millions of dollars to spend on a huge windmill, after all.  But technology has improved rapidly over the last year or so, and renewable energy sources are not only finally available to individual consumers, but are quite affordable and efficient.  Anyone can now buy a solar panel or a small wind turbine with Power Storage to help power their home or office.  These power sources provide freedom from the power grid. No more outages when the rest of your neighborhood goes dark or spikes in your power bill.

Wind turbines are much better designed than they used to be.  Unlike the old models, which had motors designed to turn them into the wind, these turbines spin no matter which way the wind blows, which means they’re much more efficient and less prone to motor failures. They don’t have to be powered exclusively by natural wind either; turbines can be powered by wind coming from man-made objects. In fact, in the future you might well drive down the highway past a long line of wind turbines, spinning with the wind your car makes as you pass!

Of course, there are still a few limitations to Solar PV and Wind Power.  Despite the great advances in technology, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. Of course, at times like these there are other options.  The energy produced by your solar panel or wind turbine can be stored in an indoor generator Power Storage unit. A quality indoor generator can help you not only be free you from outages, but can even generate extra electricity – electricity the electric company will pay YOU for!  A wide variety of these generators are available to meet your needs, but any of them can help you save money, help provide better power options for you, and leave behind a better, cleaner planet for future generations.

If you’d like more information in purchasing an indoor need a licensed Dallas Electrician.  you can trust ElectricMan to help and get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


Dallas Electrician Installs Reliable Renewable Energy for Off-Grid Kaufman Home

Indoor Generator Provides 20,000 Watts of Stored Renewable Energy to a Ranch Home, Even When All External Power Supply is Unavailable

Reliable Renewable EnergyDallas, TX  December 30, 2011– Doug Kerr is the proud owner of a stretch of land located in the rural area of Kaufman County (Texas) where the air is fresh and the hustle and bustle of city life is non-existent. One thing Doug’s land doesn’t have, however, is a city power grid. Traditionally, to gain access to power in an area that hasn’t already been included on the electrical grid, you can pay the local electrical provider a large sum to run new electrical service to your location, or be forced to use noisy, polluting, and high-maintenance fuel-powered generators.

Fortunately, Doug found a much better option when he called ElectricMan Inc., a local Dallas and Plano electrician. ElectricMan Inc. is the exclusive North Texas provider of the Indoor Generator, a system that utilizes the latest technology in power storage, partnered with reliable renewable energy options to pioneer electrical independence not only for off-grid applications, but any residence or business that could benefit from more reliable electrical service and lower electrical costs.

Using a vertical access wind turbine, ElectricMan Inc. takes advantage of the abundant wind rolling across Doug’s land, from any direction, to provide a consistent source of electricity for the custom-built Indoor Generator unit installed in his home. The Indoor Generator system itself contains 20 maintenance-free deep-cell AGM batteries capable of storing 20,000 watts of on-demand power—enough electricity to run the household for an entire week or two, even if the wind doesn’t blow at all.

Keeping in mind that no matter how reliable your system is, a backup power plan is always important. The Indoor Generator is also compatible with an external gas powered generator that will run and charge the system at the same time in the event of an emergency, or the unlikely case that the wind doesn’t blow for an extended period of time. This is where the innovative versatility of the system makes it uniquely capable to reliably power a home. With thousands of programmable commands, the Indoor Generator has the capability to utilize multiple incoming power sources, and automatically switch between options such as grid power if it is available, stored battery power, wind turbines, solar panels, or a gas-powered generator, dependent upon what option is readily available and efficient.

The innovations that are integrated into the Indoor Generator system now give any home or business access to a constant supply of clean power, increasing safety, security, and longevity of electrical systems and appliances, while providing the opportunity for electrical independence to anyone.

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is a licensed Dallas and Plano electrician serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area with 27 years of experience in electrical repair and installation, offering fast 24-hour service for residential and commercial needs. ElectricMan Inc. is now offering state-of-the-art backup power systems that exceed current emergency power standards while also providing a homeowner or business owner with the ability to have multiple options for emergency power, as well as the option to switch to the most efficient power supply available during normal usage to reduce energy costs in the long run. Call ElectricMan Inc. today at 972-792-7270 for a free quote on your next electrical project!


Dallas Electrician Discusses Renewable Energy For Business and Homes

Solar Energy For ResidentialThe storage of renewable energy for business and homes, and it’s applicability as a renewable energy solution is often seen as a daunting prospect, but solutions are now available that truly bring this “next generation” technology to a level that can be easily implemented and understood.

Renewable power needs to be broken down into individual applications and needs. Not everyone cares about promoting technology and advancements, but by taking steps one at a time, we accomplish two things. One is education on possibilities, and two is further development on technology. Here is my idea on awakening society at a level most people can comprehend until other options become refined and perfected.

Storage of renewable energy with Wind and Solar for daily use:

Photovoltaic and Wind technology together make this really cool. When you add power storage with renewable energies, these automatic transferred units can be programmed to “sell back” electricity when electrical demand and storage capacities are satisfied. All of this is programmable in any order/sequence desired. By putting the units side by side, these systems can produce 240 volt single phase or three phase power with a pure sign wave.

Here is a great example of a real world solution that we call the Power Cart. This example utilizes solar panels, yet wind power could be added to the system very easily. This Power Cart system provides 20,000 watts of usable power, rechargeable through 4 solar panels, offering any home or business the ability to create, store, and use their own renewable electricity on a daily basis, and maintain power in the event of an outage.

Power Cart

Rechargeable via (4) 195W panels, standard power, generator.
• 12 battery / 48 volt system to provide 20000 watts usable power.
• (4) 195W Photovoltaic Solar Panels
• 85 amp Outback solar charger
• Outback Mate
• Outback Inverter/ Charger/ Transfer Switch/ Transformer

Power Cart will have a Continuous Output of 3.6KW with a 9KW Surge start. This 48 volt grid interactive Outback power plant has 60 amp input/ output, and a UPS 60 amp transfer switch. It works from batteries, generator, or grid and can be charged by sun, wind or any type of generator or from the utility grid. Recharge can be programmed to take advantage of these in any order or percentage you desire. It is internet programmable and monitorable taking over 400 screens in excess of 10,000 commands – including the most important one ‘Let me work on automatic and don’t bother me.’ Also included is complete DC protection from the array to the charger, and from the batteries to power plant& AC protection via 60 amp breaker outlets (wired per country – as per order) also available in any output voltage ex. 100-150 volt, in 50 or 60 cycle.

Power Cart is a 4 wheel trailer – Ready to Work. No assembly required

These can be daisy chained for more production, more voltage, more storage.

Wi-Fi capable.

About ElectricMan Inc.

Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan, Inc. has more than 27 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work and is a family owned and operated business that puts family first. ElectricMan’s motto is “Quality Electrical Services”. We achieve this through our employees. Our professional, licensed, experienced technicians are here to serve your electrical service and repair needs. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us by phone at 972-792-7270 for your next electrical repair or improvement project!


Advantages To Wind Energy By Local Dallas And Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

Advantages To Wind EnergyYou may not have thought about the Advantages To Wind Energy lately, but every month when you get your electric bill in the mail, you may find yourself asking, “Isn’t there a better way?”, or “How can I have lower electric bills?”  As energy costs rise, and the environmental impact of using fossil fuels to generate electricity comes into question, green energy production is becoming an increasingly valuable way to help your home or business do its part in helping the environment, and lowering those high energy costs that drain your funds each and every month.  In an effort to find newer, more sustainable forms of energy, a great opportunity has arisen in harnessing the abundant power of the wind to create electricity yourself, and lower its overall cost.

While many people are familiar with the giant wind farms scattered throughout the plains across the state of Texas, most people aren’t aware that this isn’t the only way to use wind for electricity. Local Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. is now offering something that will definitely spark your interest!

The Advantages To Wind Energy can now be felt by homeowners and business owners through more efficient, highly cost effective, and easily installed wind power generators.  Standing only five feet tall, with the capability of harnessing even a slight breeze coming from any direction, these new wind generators are a drastic improvement on the standard “Propeller Style” wind power generators that most people are familiar with.  Now you don’t need an open field or even a very windy area in order to start declaring your independence from the high costs that electric companies place on the electricity that they provide to you.

Partnered with a system like the Indoor Generator, which allows you to program the system to use stored electricity when it is most efficient for you, you can do two major things.  First, at times when you are creating more energy than you need, that energy can be funneled into a battery system and stored for your higher usage time, avoiding those peak usage premiums that power companies have put in place to raise profits and revenue. Secondly, once your stored supply of electricity is at full capacity, you can actually sell your surplus electricity back to the power company, offering you the possibility of income without any labor on your part!

Everyone is looking for a way to save money these days, so here is one more incredible Advantage To Wind Energy.  If you install a renewable energy system for your home or business before the end of 2016, your entire system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit!

To see this amazing product in action, visit, or to purchase this product locally and learn more about the Advantages To Wind Energy, call your local Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. at 972-792-7270 or visit our website at!


Solar Energy For Residential Applications By Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

solar energy for residentialHow many times have you looked at your electric bill and felt “dizzy”? Solar Energy For Residential applications can provide an incredible relief from this monthly occurrence. Costs for photovoltaic cells, also known as solar panels, have drastically decreased over the years making Solar Energy For Residential applications a much more viable solution. Now your Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. is offering a solution that will be incredibly valuable for homeowners.

In conjunction with the Indoor Generator, which allows you to store your own produced energy and program it to use that electricity when you want it, whether it be in an emergency or to avoid peak usage charges, highly cost effective solar panels can be installed in areas that you may not have thought were possible. Whether you want a solar panel that is easily portable and storable, like these collapsible solar panels, a small solar panel for condos or apartments, or if you have room on your roof for stationary solar panels, Solar Energy For Residential applications can be flexible to nearly any situation.

Solar Energy For ResidentialNot only will solar energy lower electric bills, but it also allows you to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint on the environment, and start producing your own green renewable energy, increase your home’s value with its own electrical independence, and even start profiting by selling surplus energy back to the electric company depending on the application. Your children and your children’s children will appreciate the steps that you have taken to improve the environment that they will live in.

Another incredible value is the tax credit that the government has created for homeowners who install renewable energy solutions in their homes! The government is putting such an emphasis on green energy solutions, that if you install a system like Solar Energy For Residential applications, or any other renewable energy source in your home, the entire system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, making this solution even more cost effective than ever before. To be eligible for this tax credit, the system must be installed before December 31, 2016, but why wait?

You can start declaring your electrical independence now by contacting your local, Renewable Energy Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. to discuss Solar Energy For Residential applications. Visit our website at or call us at 972-792-7270!