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Best Dallas Electrician Free Money Saving Tips | Save Energy And Lower Your Home Electric Bill

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit www.nationalnewstoday.com

In the 30 years I’ve been an electrician, I’ve had a lot of time to think about what qualities make the best Dallas Electrician the best.  Obviously, there are a whole lot of factors that go into something like that:  quality of service, friendliness, willingness to help.  But let’s face it; at the end of the day, the best electrician is the one who can save you money.  So, I’d like to share some money saving tips with you.  And I‘m going to start with the biggest, most effective tip of all.  Ready?  Here it comes.best-dallas-electrician-save-energy-tips

Turn your stuff off

That’s it!  Turning your electrical devices off when you’re not using them is the best way to lower your home electric bill now, I know what you’re thinking:  “That’s not a very fun answer.”  Well, you’re right:  there are certainly more interesting ways to save money on your electric bill (and I’m going to share a few of them with you right now), but it’s important to start with the basics.  So, what can you do to save money without turning things off?

  1. Schedule routine electrical system maintenance.  Some business and home owners go decades without having their electrical system checked.  These checks help make sure that your fixtures are properly installed, and that all your connections on your electrical panel (and everywhere else) are correctly installed and tight. Something as simple as a loose screw can cause sparks and surges.  Even if these surges don’t cause fires or other damages, they waste electricity. You should have routine maintenance performed every year or two to ensure the best results.
  1. Install a power conditioner. The dishwasher.  The refrigerator and freezer.  Your pool equipment.  The air conditioner.  Your washer and dryer.  The garage door opener.  What do they all have in common?  Well, they all make up a good chunk of your electricity usage, but they also all have motors.  These motors draw a lot of power as they start up, which can put a lot of strain on your electricity usage.  Having power conditioners installed helps balance out those big surges and saves you money in two ways;
    1. It means your total consumption goes down since you’re not drawing a ton of power at once for that motor,
    2. It reduces the wear on the motor, which means they need to be replaced less.  As anyone who had an air conditioner motor break down this summer can tell you, this can add up to a lot of savings in the long run.
  1. Install solar panels and/or wind turbines. We’re living in a great time for alternative energy sources; the technology behind solar and wind power have made them more efficient and useful than at any point in history.  Alternative energy isn’t just for power plants, though.  You can actually install these energy generating devices, with help from a licensed electrician, in your home and business to help generate your own electricity, which is less power you have to pay for.  Even better, you can use solar panels and turbines to help power another generator.
  1. Buy an indoor generator. People talk a lot about living “off the grid”.  There’s no way I can think of to make yourself less dependant on the grid than to start generating your own electricity, especially if you can do it without pollution.  A good indoor generator can make you money, by sending the electricity it generates that you don’t use back to the grid.  Wouldn’t it be great to not only lower your home electric bill, but turn it into a payment from the electric company?  What better money saving tips could there be than giving you a way to get paid what you were once paying out?

If you’re interested in purchasing an indoor generator, or for the best Dallas electrician to save you money you can trust ElectricMan to help and get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


Top Dallas Electricians Tips Ӏ How to Save Money, Energy and Your Life on Air Conditioning

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit www.nationalnewstoday.com

It’s always easy to tell when summer rolls around.  The temperature outside soars, and so does your electricity bill.  Wouldn’t it be great if a top Dallas electrician could save you money on your electric bill?

Everyone knows why your bills get so expensive; you’re running your AC almost all the time.  In fact, the condenser for your air conditioning unit uses more electricity during the summer months than any other appliance in your home, even notorious energy hogs like your refrigerator. There are things an electrician can do to save you money, and electric safety tips you need to know to protect your home, business, and loved ones from disaster.

These days most people call an AC service company the minute an air conditioning problem comes up.   That isn’t always the correct move, though.  In my experience, about half of all the problems that arise with air conditioning systems are electrical problems.  Some of my best customers began using my service because I could help them figure out whether they should be calling an electrician or an HVAC technician to solve their problem.  Obviously, if the problem is the AC unit or condenser, an AC repairman is the way to go, but he doesn’t necessarily understand the details of your home or business electrical system.  There are a few things you should know about your air conditioner from the electrician’s point of view.Dallas-Electrician-air-conditioning-tips

  1.  Your AC puts a very heavy load on your electrical system, especially when the unit powers itself on.  This alone can lead to burnouts, which can directly damage the compressor in the AC unit.  Because AC units require so much power, they are often wired directly from the breaker panel, the main location in an electrical system where connections come loose.  Loose connections on a breaker panel can cause arc faults and high power electrical discharges that can literally melt your panel and circuit breakers in seconds.  This often can cause catastrophic melt downs.  These loose connections can also cause burnouts on your panel, leaving you without air conditioning, power and causing you to pay for new electrical equipment.  The best way to save you money and protect your home and AC unit is to make sure an electrician regularly inspects your breaker panel, performing maintenance as needed to keep everything working correctly.
  2. The seed of many electrical problems is planted when you make changes to your air conditioning system.  Perhaps you’re upgrading to a higher-efficiency unit to help save money, or a recent addition to your home or office means you need a larger high-efficiency unit to handle your cooling needs.  Either way, failing to think through the electricity needs of your AC unit can cause major headaches.  Many homeowners (and even AC service technicians on occasion) are perfectly happy to simply swap the new larger AC unit with the old one without upgrading the wiring that connects it to your home. Trying to run a large AC unit on wiring intended for a smaller unit is a very good way to burn the lines, which leaves your AC out of commission until new wiring can be installed. Even worse things can happen when an AC unit is relocated.  Sometimes, people looking to save money and time, make the decision to simply splice the AC unit wires into your existing system rather than running a new line.  DON’T EVER DO THIS.  It is extremely dangerous. You should always contact an electrician when you upgrade or make major alterations to your air conditioning system.
  3. Many AC system problems aren’t caused by the outside unit at all, but by the Forced Air Unit (FAU) inside your house.  Usually located somewhere in a closet, attic, or hallway space, the FAU moves the cold air through your house when the AC is running, and is the part of the AC system that heats your home in the winter.  The blower motor in the FAU also draws a lot of electricity, and is prone to blowouts or creating additional electrical issues.  In fact, the FAU is responsible for at least half of all electrical problems your AC system may have.  You should always have your FAU looked at regularly during routine electrical maintenance.  Remember:  just because it’s out of sight doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

These electrical safety tips should help keep you cool and safe. You can trust ElectricMan to help and get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


Choosing an Eco-Friendly and Affordable Back-Up Electricity Generator | By Dallas Electrician

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit www.nationalnewstoday.com

With all the bad weather we have been hammered with this winter, our electric power stations have been maxed out trying to keep up with the demand for electricity.  With the cold, another problem has been water pipes freezing at the electric generating stations causing them to have to shut down for repairs.  Long story short, over 55 million people in America this year have dealt with power shortages.  Either being rolling blackouts, or simply no power for days.  I have received multiple inquiries from customers wanting to know if there is an alternative means to keeping the electricity on in their home without using a gas-powered generator.  Their reasons for not being able to use a gas powered generator ranged from “I live in a HOA where generators are not allowed on the outside of our home and I can’t put it on the inside due to noise and fumes,” to “I don’t have any place outside to put the generator that guarantees it won’t be tampered with or stolen.”  Some of my customers that live in condos or town homes only have a balcony which really “limits them on space.”Affordable back up generator

Having these problems and questions brought to me, I started to look for a solution to help people in their time of need.  What I found was the IndoorGenerator.  This product was Eco-Friendly and addresses the needs of a growing population using an old electricity infrastructure.  As a Dallas Electrician, I found the IndoorGenerator to be an affordable, gas-free, rechargeable, silent power supply unit that you can use indoors when you lose power.  This is 24/7 protection for your computers, refrigerator, TV, lights, and much more.  This protects you for at least 2 hours and up to 7 days, not just minutes like traditional UPS’s.  It is simple with “plug and play” installation and usage.  The more units you put in series gives you the possibility of endless power supply!

These units come packaged in either dark wood cabinets, or light wood cabinets.  They also come in DuraRock or metal enclosures.  These different enclosures make it possible to set these units either inside, where they will still look good, or outside on a patio.

To charge these units, you just plug them into your existing power supply and they start charging immediately.  As soon as the power goes out, they automatically transfer over to stored energy without any interruption.  Another neat feature is that there is a solar accessory that can be used to recharge these power supplies.  These solar screens are collapsible and easy to store when not in use.  So if the power goes off, and you use your stored power, it can be replaced with simple sunlight.

When considering  an affordable back-up electricity generator, by an eco-friendly Dallas Electrician or just a top Dallas electrician for your home wiring installation or Troubleshooting Electrical Repair needs you can trust ElectricMan to get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


Frequently Asked Questions Ӏ Finding a Dallas Electrician

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit www.nationalnewstoday.com

Nick-Schaeffer-ElectricManInc 500x375

Learn what to look for when choosing an Electrician.

In my 27 years, I have heard these questions a lot: “Why is it so hard to find the top electrician for my electrical repairs? There are so many choices and my problem seems so easy, any electrician should be able to do it. Does it matter who I call? Aren’t all electricians the same? How do I find an expert electric man?” – Nick Shaeffer

The answer is no – not all Dallas electrician technicians are the same! Many electricians like to think they can do everything electrically because they wired a store, or a big industrial complex. Truth be told, a tested, top electrician has done that – and multiple other things, making him well-rounded. To be well-rounded takes time and opportunity. Sufficient home and business electricians have to develop knowledge that can only be obtained with hands-on experience. Every home or business built through the decades has been wired differently. Along the way, they have been altered or added to, using multiple techniques of wiring. This can be confusing to an inexperienced, common electrician trying to investigate a home electrical repair.

A well-rounded electrician is “the key” to customer satisfaction. But how do you find one? Here at ElectricMan, Inc., we’ve developed and written a 2 page pre-employment competency test to ensure the employment of only expert technicians. This must be completed before we even review their application. This test tells us exactly what an electrician has done and seen. It cannot be passed correctly with just knowledge out of a book. If the electrician has been doing all levels and types of work, this test will show it. After passing this test, an extensive local, state, and nationwide criminal and sex offender search is done. Once we know what kind of electrical talent and type of person we have, a 90-day probationary period starts. All of this “due diligence” is done for the safety and security of a customer who has no idea who they are relying on. Not all companies go through these necessary steps! The referral from “a friend of a brother’s neighbor” definitely doesn’t provide the peace of mind you need when a stranger is in your home.

Another important area that a consumer should investigate when considering an electrician, is insurance! “Does my electrician have the “state minimum,” or are they capable of covering everything – inside and out?” This is very important! The State of Texas only requires $300,000 to be licensed. Add up the value of your home or business; is the Texas requirement really enough to cover your losses if a home electrical repair mistake is made and your home is damaged?

So, it is easy to see that if a couple of critical points are not verified, there is no telling what type of electrician might ring your doorbell! Avoid the possibility of getting an under-qualified electrician and instead get the expert electrician in Dallas when the safety and security of your home, business, and family is counting on you.  Whether you have a general repair or an electrical emergency, you can trust ElectricMan to get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


Finding the Best Certified Electrician in Town

How do you pick one quality certified electrician out from a crowd?  You might ask for recommendations from friends and family. It’s also wise to check out the company on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Then you can read the testimonials and find out what other customers have experienced.

While all these techniques are helpful, one of the best ways to find a trustworthy Dallas electrician is to discover what certification and insurance they have compared to what is actually required to get the job done. Far too many homeowners forget to look into certifications and credentials, and end up hiring a Dallas electrician without the proper licenses. Here’s what to look for to ensure you’ve found a certified electrician.

  • Certification status: Ask the lead technician on a job to show you his state electrician’s license. He should be able to pull a card out of his wallet and show you. The highest Certified-Electriciancertification is “master electrician.” At the very least, though, the lead technician should be a “journeyman.” An “apprentice” should never lead a service call or be the one who makes job estimates.
  • Insurance: Accidents happen, far and few between but for your protection you should ask for proof of insurance. The state of Texas requires minimum insurance coverage of $250,000, but that might not be enough to cover the cost of damages to your home if something goes wrong. A certified electrician should only work in locations their insurance coverage is adequate to cover.
  • City license: Across the state of Texas, electricians are required to have a state license first then the city they are operating in second.. As a resident in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you want a Dallas electrician with the proper licensing.

ElectricMan is a family -owned and operated company with certified electricians. They offer complete residential and commercial repair and service for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The company is lead by a fully licensed and insured master electrician with several all-star journeyman-licensed employees and training apprentices under his watchful eye. You will find quality reviews on Angie’s List, and they also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To work with certified, licensed professionals on your next electrical project, please contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is your trusted, local Dallas electrician with 27 years of experience. Visit the ElectricMan website for more information, and also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Dallas Electrician Describes Effects of Custom Lighting on the Value of Your Home

Dallas-Electrician-Describes-Effects-of-Custom-Lighting-on-the-Value-of-Your-Home So, it’s time to sell your home and you’re making upgrades here and there to increase its value. That’s a great idea, but have you spoken to a Dallas electrician yet about potential lighting upgrades? All it takes is a little lighting knowhow and you can increase your home’s value well beyond the initial investment you make before it goes on the market. Here are a few simple ideas from a certified electrician to inspire you.

  • Upgrade Indoor Lights
    • Add recessed lighting: It’s easy to accomplish a stunning look by adding lights in just the right places to accent your home’s architecture, a beautiful painting, or another focal point.
    • Update older fixtures: Homes built in the 1970s and ’80s have outdated fixtures. Without any rewiring or major renovations required by a Dallas electrician, you can replace fixtures and make everything look more modern.
  • Upgrade Outdoor Lights
    • Add landscape lighting: This highlights certain foliage and your home’s exterior architecture while providing a security feature as well. After all, burglars hesitate to be in any location where lights expose their presence. That’s a great selling point for your home.
    • Update porch lights: Older fixtures, especially those located outside, can rust and change colors. A new porch light installed by a Dallas electrician is a great way to welcome prospective homebuyers.
  • Show Off Your Upgrades
    • Install modern light switches and outlet covers: Choose conservative covers, but ones that look modern and up-to-date. Dimmers are especially popular and provide customizable lighting. Be sure you choose three-prong grounded outlets to meet current building codes. Contact a Dallas electrician if you have questions.
    • Up the wattage: Swap out lower-watt light bulbs for ones with a brighter glow to light up your home better when potential buyers walk through. Just make sure you don’t go over the maximum wattage specified for each light fixture. Compact fluorescent bulbs are great for adding more light; they also reduce wattage and lower electricity bills.

For more on how lighting can increase your home’s value, please contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is your trusted, local Dallas electrician with 27 years of experience. For more information, visit the ElectricMan website. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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Happy Holidays from all of us here at ElectricMan!

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