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Dallas Electrician: Top Electrical Installation Tips for New Home Owners

Dallas Electrician‘s Top Electrical Installation Tips for New Home Owners

Buying a home is a wonderful investment, and your home will be your sanctuary for years to come. Of course you want your home to be perfect; no home owner dreams of such things as a flood or an electrical problem. However, these problems do occur, and while flooding may not be preventable, you can always take the necessary steps to prevent electrical problems. If you plan on installing electronics in your home, electrical safety should be one of your top concerns. Electrical fires can cause irreparable damage to your home, but Dallas electricians like ElectricMan Inc. can help correct your existing electrical problems or provide assistance with installation.

There are ways to prevent electrical problems in a new home, and the electricians at ElectricMan can help, so consult someone knowledgeable before you begin your home improvement. What are some ways to prevent electric fires in your home?

This is why you should own surge protectors

Lightning Strikes Cause Power Surges

  • Whole House Surge Protectors

There are over 53,000 electric fires in the U.S. each year, but these can easily be prevented with the help of a whole house surge protector. Surge protectors prevent the discharge of excess electricity due to lightening storms or blown circuits. If your home is prone to electrical surges, a whole house surge protector may be just what you need to prevent an electrical fire.

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

A GFCI outlet is a device which increases safety by reducing the risk of electric shocks. Most building codes now require that GFCI outlets be installed in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, garages, laundry rooms, and outdoor areas. GFCI outlets monitor for current imbalances and break the circuit if such an imbalance occurs. They are an important safety measure and should be installed whenever there is water and electricity.

  • AFCI’s (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter)

Did you know that 30% of all surges and outages are caused by lightning strikes? These lightning strikes don’t even need to hit your home directly to cause major damage. In fact, just a strike within a half mile radius can cause permanent damage to your appliances. Installing AFCIs in your home are just one of the ways to lessen the side effects of voltage surges, and prevent residential fires. Indeed, 50% of residential fires could have been prevented, according to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.


If you use any of the tips we provided, you are already on the right track to living carefree in your new home. And if some of these tips seem too complicated, we are only a phone call away.

Are there any tips that you’d like to add to the list? Post in the comments. We’d like to hear what you have to say. 


Deck the Halls…Safely

If you’ve ever seen “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” you’ll know that Clark Griswold’s perception of Christmas decorating is a bit extreme.  Although that movie is comical, in reality electrical safety is no laughing matter, and an electrical fire can ruin your holidays instantly.  Here are a few holiday decorating safety tips.

  1. Check your smoke detector. The holidays are a great time to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detector is working properly.  Studies have shown that when houses have working smoke detectors, the chance of death from fire is cut in half. Having all of your loved ones in your home can be a great reminder of the importance of fire safety.
  2. Buy the right equipment. Make sure that any decorations you purchase are UL-listed.  UL is an independent organization that tests products to make sure they’re safe for use.   If you don’t see the little UL symbol on the decoration, don’t buy it.  Also, be sure to purchase at least one surge protector and some power conditioners for your lights.
  3. Don’t overdo it. As tempting as it is to plaster the outside of your house with holiday lights, it’s important to decorate responsibly.  Typically, no more than three strands of lights should be connected end-to-end to prevent overheating.  Also, be cautious of older houses, as the old wiring could be too weak to handle the amount of lights you want to plug in.  Keep in mind that there are over 2 million houses in the DFW area that are more than 20 years old.  The last thing you want to do is blow a circuit and have to call an electrician during the holidays.
  4. Keep your tree watered. According to the US Fire Administration, Christmas trees cause 250 fires each year, resulting in 14 deaths, 26 injuries, and over $13.8 million in damage.  If your tree isn’t watered enough, an electrical short in your lights or an open flame can turn your tree into a giant fireball.  Making sure your tree is properly watered is a great form of fire prevention.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones, and by following these few safety tips, you can help to make sure you’re not a victim of a “Clark Griswold” Christmas.  If you want to learn more about your home’s current electrical state, contact the best electrician Plano has to offer.

Happy Holidays!


Power Surges and How You Can Defend Your Electronics Against Them

Did you know that proper surge protection could help avoid short circuits and fire hazards?  In fact, using up-to-date surge protectors (suppressors) for your appliances, or even your entire house, could save you thousands of dollars in property damage. These are just a few reasons why surge protection should be of the utmost importance for you and your home this holiday season.

What are power surges?

First, before diving deeper into the different advantages of protecting your home against power surges, it’s important to understand what electrical surges are, and why they’re such a concern. An electrical surge, also known as a “voltage surge”, is an electrical disturbance that can be caused by a variety of spikes in voltage. More specifically, these surges are usually caused by lightning strikes, power outages, short circuits, or tripped circuit breakers. Problems occur when these short spikes in electrical power overload circuits in home appliances and other electronics.

Why is it so important to protect your home against power surges?

For starters, power surges can be very dangerous for you, your family, and your house. Surges are one of the most common causes of house fires, usually resulting from a combination of faulty wiring and irresponsible electronics hook-up by homeowners. This is especially apparent around the holidays.

According to the Cheltenham Fire Department, “when putting up holiday lighting, surge protectors should be used instead of relying on extension cords.” Now, more than ever, people should be cautious about electrical disturbances and the possible danger they pose to their electronics—and even more importantly—their lives.

Even if a power surge doesn’t turn out to be dangerous, it can still be very costly.  As a matter of fact, power surges can pack enough of a punch to short the power supply in a desktop computer, television set, or even a microwave. Basically, anything with internal electronic circuits can be affected by a voltage surge.  That’s why it’s imperative that everyone use surge protectors for each and every appliance in their home.  At the very minimum, one should consider whole-house surge protection, or even just safeguarding higher-priced appliances such as LCD Televisions, microwaves, and desktop computers.

The Benefits of Power Conditioning and how controlled voltage delivery could save you money

Aside from protecting your home from voltage surges, you should also consider the amount of energy that is wasted from many of your appliances. And remember that with wasted energy comes wasted money.

One money-saving solution may be installing power conditioners in your home. Simply put, a power conditioner is a device that delivers clean (steady) power to your devices. It is designed to distribute a stabilized and continuous voltage level which eliminates dips and line static—important for all of you who own surround sound systems in your home theater.

As a consumer, it’s important to be informed about devices and services that can save you money, improve the longevity of your investments (e.g., Flat-panel television, etc.), and even protect your home.

If you have any more questions about power surging, or if you decide that you would like to look into protecting your home against electrical surges, contact our helpful team at ElectricMan Inc. We are here 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.


Electric Service Panels: Federal Pacific Panel Hazard!

There’s been a lot of questions about Federal Pacific Electric Panels.  The Dallas Morning News ran an article on the potential of fire that these panels possess.  As an Electrical Contractor with 27 years experience, I can tell you first hand that these electrical panels are unpredictable and unsafe.  We had a customer who was renting a house and was having an electrical problem. We told her it was due to her electrical panel.  This Federal Pacific Panel was overheating and beginning to melt.  We informed her that she needed to change it.  She got back in touch with us Sunday night to schedule for Monday morning to have the panel replaced.  We told her we would be there at 9am and she said she had to drop her kids off at school and would prefer a 9:30am appointment.  When we showed up at 9:30, she showed up at the same time and we were both greeted by the Fire Department trying to put out the fire in her home due to the electrical panel.

Failure of these panels is not an “if,” but “when.”  A quick evaluation by a licensed and knowledgeable electrician can make a big difference.  Don’t gamble on your security, call and get the free evaluation today!

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is one of Dallas’ most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com


Electrician Plano Tx: Customer Service is #1 here at ElectricMan

The heat is at it’s peak and so is your air conditioner!  As a licensed Plano electrician, ElectricMan is experiencing high call volume due to over heating of the A/C Breaker.  This is caused by 2 things:  1, is of course the air conditioner running full time to keep up with the demand for cold air, and 2, loose wiring at the air conditioning breaker at your electrical panel.  With a simple maintenance checkup on your electrical panel, you could save yourself LOTS of MONEY!  Many electrical panel replacements and air conditioning unit replacements could be avoided with this simple routine maintenance.  Our licensed and experienced technicians do this maintenance in less than a half an hour and that could keep you from going without power and parting with that hard earned money.  Summers are meant to be enjoyed, live life to its fullest!



The stormy season is here! With Dallas Electrician ElectricMan Inc.

Well, the stormy season is upon us with thunder and lightning all around…..are you prepared?  Do you have whole-house protection from lightning strikes and power surges?  With the continued uncertainty of Texas weather, it’s important to be protected year round!  Here at ElectricMan, a licensed Dallas Electrician, we offer whole-house surge protection, as well as Green-friendly electric service alternatives.  Just give us a call for more information!

-Your team here at ElectricMan

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Yet Another Satisfied Dallas Electrician Customer! We love to serve you!

Hi Nick,

Mike and I just wanted to thank you and Rick for the excellent service yesterday, a Sunday during a major power outage at that.  From the time I placed the call for help to the time Rick walked out of our soon-to-be-warm-again home, it was only an unbelievable 1.5 hrs!!  I so appreciate your ‘straight-shooting’ with me on the phone about whether our problem could be Oncor related or in our wiring and the option to switch our dead furnace thermostat to the one working leg of power we seemed to have.  Rick arrived just when he said he would, went right to work and determined that we were indeed receiving full power from Oncor, but one of our breakers was bad.  He replaced it, checked things out and was on his way.

You have impressed us with your quality of service.  We certainly will use you again and recommend you when someone asks if we know a good electrician….we do now!

Thanks again,
Liz Dubuis & Mike Snider


Getting a late start on your New Year’s Resolutions? A Dallas Electrician Is Here For You!

Here at ElectricMan, a locally owned Dallas electrician, we offer services and products that can benefit you year round!  Safety is very important to us and we work daily to provide homes and businesses with positive assurance and a piece of mind that can carry no price.  One of our most efficient and money-friendly offers is a power conditioner which is also a surge protector!  Now that we are coming up on the stormy season, having protection in place saves you from outside strikes and spikes.  Don’t wait to install this safety device as it can save you from the devastation of unplanned repair costs!  As an added bonus, this apparatus will save you 10-25% on your power bill!  It ends up paying  for itself within the next year or two!  How can you beat that?  Simply put: safety and money savings, there’s no way to lose!

Give us a call for more information on this life-friendly device!

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Here’s a Christmas-time review from one of our many satisfied Dallas Electrician customers!

Twas the Day before Christmas….a true story December 24, 2009 Garland, Texas As the temperature dropped, it had started to snow, The 100 Amp. Federal, just decided to Blow!……….. It arced and it sparked, sent my wife in a Panic, I felt like the captain, of the famous Titanic…. Kids coming for christmas, lots of food to prepare, No lights in the kitchen, on the brink of despair…. Her I-Phone still up, she went to the net, She Googled some words, and found the Best Bet…. We called and Nick answered, He got someone going, Jeremy from Mesquite, and soon—Power Flowing!!!! Mrs. Overbey and I sincerely thank the Family at ElectricMan for being there and saving our Christmas! God Bless and Merry Christmas, Val & Susan Overbey

Thank you Val & Susan!  It was a pleasure to do business with you!