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Why Your Business Needs a Backup Power System – Stay Up and Running When Others Fail

Indoor Generator Backup Power Systems

What happens to your business when the power goes out?

Your business operations are probably reliant upon electricity, like most operations in the modern world of today.  Do you have a backup plan in case the power goes out?  Most other businesses will simply shut their doors and deal with the consequences when the power is restored, but you can maintain business as usual thanks to the innovation of backup power systems.

Also known as emergency power generators, these units are delivered to you with a fully-charged battery that can be put to use the moment you need them.  If your business has experienced frequent power surges or outages in the past, hiring a Dallas electrician to install an Indoor GeneratorTM for your business could be incredibly beneficial.  For certification or insurance reasons, you may have an even greater need to remain up and running.  Your valuable computer or medical equipment will thank you when you save them from the devastation of power surges and outages.

Consider these benefits of having backup power systems installed in your business:

  • Protect computers and data for your employees and clients.  Computers are finicky, and sometimes if they are shut off improperly or subjected to power surges, the hardware and data stored on them can be damaged or lost.  This is especially important if you maintain online data servers for clients.
  • Maintain security through power outages.  It is not uncommon for businesses to be ransacked when security cameras are off and electrical locks are disabled during power outages.
  • Keep point-of-sale systems functional to avoid inconveniencing your customers.  Just because the power has gone out does not mean you can dismiss the needs of your customers.  Emergency power generators enable you to put your priorities where they need to be.
  • Prevent disrupted IT operations. Customers calling in or asking questions online will think they are being ignored if no one is there to handle their inquiries, which is certainly not good for business.
  • Avoid the need to reschedule or cancel appointments.  Along with everything else, rearranging your business’s schedule can be stressful and challenging to accomplish.
  • Defend against financial losses and potential liabilities.  This benefit is at the heart of all the other reasons businesses should have backup power systems.

If you are ready to have a reputable Dallas or Plano electrician get you set up with the best investment you have ever made for your business, you can explore your options for a backup power system and receive a quote today.  The next power outage that hits can either leave you with regret, or a feeling of immense satisfaction with your decision to plan ahead.


Recharging Options For Your Backup Power System

backup power system rechargingMany backup power systems rely simply on a single source of energy for emergency power.  Whether it’s a backup power generator, a backup battery system, or solar backup power, the system is usually flawed because all of your emergency power is resting on a single source.  If we’ve learned anything from Murphy’s Law, it is that a single backup plan has the potential to easily fail in your time of need.

In order to have a truly reliable backup power system, it must have several options for recharging in the event that one or more of your power sources fail.  Here are some of the recharging options available to easily integrate into your Indoor GeneratorTM backup power system:

  • Solar – This power source for recharging backup power systems is free once you make the investment in solar panels, and won’t cause harm to the environment.  With portable solar backup power in the form of solar panel racks on wheels, you will benefit from an easy-to-use system that can be effortlessly used, moved, and stored.  You do not require a permit to use a portable solar panel, and it comes fully assembled for your convenience. Additionally, installing a solar energy system in your home can make you eligible to receive a 30 percent tax credit for systems placed in service before December 31, 2016.
  • City power – In the event that the power is restored, you can simply recharge your backup power system with electricity from the wall outlets of your home or business. This is especially helpful during rolling or intermittent outages when you can store power in preparation for the next outage.
  • Generator – Gas-powered generators can be used as another failsafe to recharge your Indoor Generator unit.  Keeping this as a second or third option enables you to reduce the likelihood that you will pollute the environment through exhaust and noise, or alleviate the dangers of having to handle volatile fuels.
  • Battery replacement – Additional batteries can be kept on hand and swapped out as your initial charge is depleted.
  • Mechanical means – If all else fails, you can use an external source such as your vehicle or a manual external alternator system.

Solar Backup Power System RechargingClearly, having recharging options at your disposal for backup power systems will be essential to their success.  Among these options, solar backup power is perhaps the most reliable, convenient, and clean.  However, the other options are certainly viable as well to ensure your backup power system is able to maintain power indefinitely.

If you have yet to install a backup solar panel to recharge the backup power system in your home or business, contact a reputable Dallas electrician to take care of the job correctly.


What’s So Important About Home Backup Power Systems?

Home backup power system neighborhood at nightAn Indoor Generator™ is a backup power system that is delivered to you fully charged.  The charge is held in the unit’s batteries, which will be available for immediate use the moment you need it.  Everything that requires power from wall outlets will lose its power in the case of an outage.  You can either be left without power or you can implement your home back up power system to stay up and running without worry.

A unit like this is important for people who live in areas where outages and power surges are common.  Even if these occurrences are rare, maintaining power through an outage will provide safety and value in the event that you do lose power.  Also, if you live in a condo or high-rise where gas generators are not allowed, you can still use a battery-powered unit like the Indoor Generator.  Finally, if you have valuable computer or medical equipment, a power outage or surge could destroy them.  Thankfully, an Indoor Generator can prevent this.

Here are the reasons to hire a Dallas electrician for your backup power system installation:

  • Keep your family safe: There is no need to stumble around in the dark for flashlights or candles when the lights are powered by a generator during a power outage.  Plus, there is no need to worry about how long a radio’s batteries will last.  This is important for keeping track of weather and disaster-related news.
  • Stay comfortable with air conditioning and heating during hot or cold weather.  Power outages will not only turn out your lights, but it will also turn off your heating and air conditioning.  For prolonged outages, you can remain in comfort thanks to your backup power system.
  • Avoid throwing out ruined food by keeping your refrigerator running.  This is something that not many homeowners remember about until they go to make a sandwich, hours after the power has gone out.  Anything in your freezer or refrigerator will be spoiled if the temperature rises for an extended period of time.
  • Protect your computer: Not only will the hardware be spared from power surges and harmful power outages, the data on your computer can be preserved with a computer backup power system as well.

In order to get the most out of your investment, you will want only the most reputable Dallas and Plano Electrician on the job.  Click on the link to find out about one near you.


Why Is An Indoor Generator Emergency Power System Better Than A Standard Generator?

Indoor Generator vs. Gas Powered GeneratorsEmergency power systems traditionally use generators powered by gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel.  The purpose of investing in one is to provide your home or business with a way to generate electricity in case a power outage occurs.  This can be invaluable when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature during outages, protecting computers and other hardware, preventing food spoilage, and a myriad of other things you take for granted while electricity is readily available to power everything.  Fortunately, even better options have become available that don’t require noisy traditional generators.

Have you heard of something called an Indoor Generator™?  Instead of being powered by messy and pollution causing fuels, these battery-powered units can be set up conveniently inside your home or business.  There are many reasons why these kinds of backup power generators are preferred by so many home and business owners.

An Indoor Generator™ installed by Dallas electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

  • Is manufactured 100% in the USA.  Instead of fearing the delivery of shoddy parts from third-world counties, you can rest assured that your indoor generator will be high quality.
  • Operates silently.  Instead of a noisy generator, you get electricity from a completely quiet source of power.
  • Has no toxic fumes or gasoline.  With battery-powered backup electricity, there is no need to handle such substances.
  • Provides a clean sine wave.  This essentially means that you are getting clean electricity, which allows your appliances to run more efficiently.
  • Features automated switching to the most efficient power source.  This smart feature is one of the most incredible functions of the Indoor Generator™.
  • Can utilize solar energy.  If solar power is plentiful and available, the system will automatically run off of solar energy.  This allows you to save your generator’s battery life and even gives you the opportunity to sell power back to your electric company.
  • Can utilize city power.  When it is more efficient to run on city power, the unit will recognize this and automatically switch to the standard power grid.
  • Switch to battery power automatically.  When solar and city power are no longer available, your indoor generator will switch to its reserve of battery power.  This can last anywhere from several hours to several days depending on the application.
  • Can utilize a gas generator as an additional precaution if the battery power becomes depleted.  When this happens, and standard power sources are still unavailable, the system can be programmed to automatically switch to a gas generator to recharge it until another more efficient power source becomes available.  This process can also be manually performed if you do not program the unit to make the switch.

With all of these benefits and the obvious versatility of indoor generators, it is clear why many people prefer them over standard generators.  A reputable Dallas or Plano electrician can easily get one set up for you today.


A Look At Old Home Wiring With A Licensed Dallas Electrician

There are a lot of reasons to love your older home.  Whether it’s a part of history or simply more cost effective than buying a brand new home, older homes can be just as nice as a newly built home with the right care.  Unfortunately, that level of care is often overlooked when it comes to old home wiring.  As technology has progressed in the home building industry, especially when it comes to home electrical, we have learned many safer ways to provide power to all of your appliances and gadgets.  We have also learned that many of the techniques that were used on older homes can lead to a dangerous situation for you and your family.

Here are a few things that you can look out for to help make sure your home’s wiring is up to date and safe:

•Do your electrical outlets have only two prong capabilities?

•Do plugs frequently fall out when you don’t want them to?

•Do you have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection for your outlets?

•Is your garage door opener plugged in to an extension cord?

•Do you frequently “trip” the breaker when using several appliances at once in your kitchen?

•Is your electrical breaker panel located in a closet?

Each of these issues can be a sign that your home has out of date wiring, and if you notice any of them in your home, you should have it checked by a licensed Dallas electrician to ensure that your home is as safe as possible.

For more information on  older home electrical issues, or to find out how to contact ElectricMan Inc. to discuss your own home’s electrical system, please visit us at www.ElectricManInc.com


Outstanding Customer Service From A Reputable Dallas Electrician

It can be difficult to find a Dallas electrician who will do their work the right way to make it worth the money to hire them.  However, if you can find the right man to get the job done, you will surely do business there again and again.  What are the most important qualities of an electrician?  There are certain things that customers look for in a company before hiring them, here’s a great list of items to help you in choosing an electrician, but perhaps the most important characteristic of a reputable Dallas electrician is customer service.

There are several factors that customers look for when determining good customer service.  After all, since no one wants to hire a Dallas electrician unless they can provide high quality service, it is worth doing a little research to find out who can truly deliver before hiring one company or another.

  • A business with workers who make themselves available shows that customers are the top priority.  ElectricMan is available literally 24/7 to satisfy the needs you may have for their services.
  • An electrician who can keep the promises he makes is performing admirable service to his customers.  The motto of ElectricMan is “quality electrical services,” a promise that is delivered through the professional, licensed, experienced technicians that are employed there.
  • Handling complaints is a commonly thought of element for good customer service as well.  While it is impossible to please everyone every time, it is the goal of ElectricMan to beat the odds and satisfy all customers.
  • Dallas Electrician Customer ServiceGoing the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, by being as helpful as possible even without immediate profit or benefit for the company, is the final aspect of excellent service.  As shown here, this ElectricMan technician went beyond the call of duty to provide incredible customer service while repairing a swimming pool light.  The water was freezing cold, but in the interest of going the distance for the customer and taking care of their needs, he took a flexible water-tight conduit known as Carflex and used it as a breathing tube to work on the pool light underwater.  If that isn’t high quality customer service, then what is?

If you are interested in only working with a trustworthy, reputable Dallas electrician, visit www.electricmaninc.com to learn more about a fine company operating out of the Dallas area.


Emergency Power Systems: Don’t Be Left In The Dark!

Thinking back to the Big Freeze in February might make you shiver.  Many of Dallas’ residents were stuck indoors for days on end, unable to even get out of their driveways.  But perhaps the worst parts of the early February freeze were the rolling blackouts that some residents suffered.

According to Oncor, the power delivery company in North Texas, 1.3 million residents were affected by these blackouts.  Luminant, the biggest power provider in the state, lost 11 coal and natural gas generators on February 2.  This trickled all the way down to North Texas residents, and even fire stations and police stations were stuck without power.

Losing power during a cold snap can be quite an an inconvenience.  If you’re without power for an extended period of time, you might have to incur extra costs, or even face the danger of driving on icy roads by going out to eat, or even be driven out of your home to a hotel room to stay warm for the night.  In the office, or even at home, a sudden power outage can cause you to lose precious data on your computer as well.  So what can you do to prevent these things from affecting you in the future?  Install an emergency power system.

An uninterruptable power supply (or UPS) provides emergency power to your home in the event of a power outage.  Designed to provide instant backup power, a UPS uses batteries or diesel generators to keep you up and running.  There are a variety of types of uninterruptable power supplies, and a Dallas Electrician can help find the one that will fit your home or office, and can install it safely for you.

So, before you’re left in the dark or cold again, talk to a local electrician in Dallas about the different emergency power systems available for you, and which one will best fit your needs.  They will be able to assess your situation and make sure your power system is safely installed.  Then, the next time North Texas suffers from rolling blackouts, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your family and home is safe from the heat or cold.


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A New Look at Old Wiring

If you’ve ever watched the show “Holmes on Homes” on HGTV, you’ve likely seen the problems associated with old or faulty wiring.  Mike Holmes tends to get very agitated by safety issues, and for good reason.  Each year, over 40,000 homes suffer fire damage due to home electrical problems.  These electrical fires account for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.  And what’s the main culprit?  Old wiring!

If you live in a classic home built before 1940, chances are you have old wiring in the house.  You may have knob-and-tube or Romex wiring, both of which can become brittle over time.  The insulation dries out and starts to crumble, causing the inner wire to become exposed. The cloth insulation around the wire deteriorates with age and eventually becomes unsafe.

But perhaps one of the biggest threats of Romex and knob-and-tube wiring is that these types of wires aren’t grounded.  That means if one of your appliances shorts out, you could become the path to the ground for the electricity.

Even if your home is only 20 or 30 years old, you could still experience electrical problems at home due to a lack of capacity.  Most homes built more than 10 years ago are not designed to handle the amount of electronics we use today.  Think about it:  if your house was built in 1980, it was built before home PCs and laptops and HDTVs and surround sound and all of the other toys and gadgets we use today.  These appliances can draw a lot of power, and your current electrical wiring may not be up to the task.

If you own one of the one million houses in the DFW area that’s more than 20 years old, it’s a good idea to have a licensed electrician come out and take a look at the wiring.  He or she can make sure that your house will be safe and productive for many years.

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is one of Plano’s most trusted electricians. Nick Schaeffer, Mr. ElectricMan himself, has quite the resume for a master electrician. He started the company by himself in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since! For more information about Electricman’s list of electrical repair services, please visit www.ElectricManInc.com


How can you tell if your electrician is licensed?

There’s an old saying that goes, “A good man is hard to find.”  Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case when you’re selecting a Dallas Electrician to perform electrical repair.  By selecting a licensed electrician, you can be assured that you’re going to receive competent, safe, superior service.  So how can you find out if the electrician you’re considering is licensed?

Anyone who performs electrical work in Texas must be licensed, whether it’s general electric repair or specialty electric jobs.  There are various types of electrician’s licenses, including:

  • Master Electrician
  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Residential Wireman (only for wiring a home)
  • Residential Appliance Installer
  • Electrical Apprentice (Must be accompanied by a Journeyman and the Journeyman must work for a Master Electrician).

There are also different licenses for businesses, which require the inclusion of various levels of electricians, as well as liability insurance.  When an electrical business is licensed, they will display their license number on vehicles and websites.  This is perhaps the best way to find out whether the electrician you want to hire is licensed or not.  Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to look up a specific company and find their license number.  Your electrician should have his business’ license number displayed on his vehicle as well.  Be sure to look for a Texas Electrical Contractor License (TECL) number on the work truck or car. For example, our TECL number is listed right on our homepage and on all of our vehicles, so everyone who visits will know we’re a licensed, insured electrician Dallas residents can depend on.

Hiring a licensed electrician means that your home will be as safe as possible.  All licensed electricians are required to attend continuing education courses, so they have the most up-to-date information to service their clients.  So, the next time you need a Texas electrician, do a Google search or visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to find a properly licensed electrician who will do the job right.