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Frequently Asked Questions Ӏ Finding a Dallas Electrician

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit www.nationalnewstoday.com

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Learn what to look for when choosing an Electrician.

In my 27 years, I have heard these questions a lot: “Why is it so hard to find the top electrician for my electrical repairs? There are so many choices and my problem seems so easy, any electrician should be able to do it. Does it matter who I call? Aren’t all electricians the same? How do I find an expert electric man?” – Nick Shaeffer

The answer is no – not all Dallas electrician technicians are the same! Many electricians like to think they can do everything electrically because they wired a store, or a big industrial complex. Truth be told, a tested, top electrician has done that – and multiple other things, making him well-rounded. To be well-rounded takes time and opportunity. Sufficient home and business electricians have to develop knowledge that can only be obtained with hands-on experience. Every home or business built through the decades has been wired differently. Along the way, they have been altered or added to, using multiple techniques of wiring. This can be confusing to an inexperienced, common electrician trying to investigate a home electrical repair.

A well-rounded electrician is “the key” to customer satisfaction. But how do you find one? Here at ElectricMan, Inc., we’ve developed and written a 2 page pre-employment competency test to ensure the employment of only expert technicians. This must be completed before we even review their application. This test tells us exactly what an electrician has done and seen. It cannot be passed correctly with just knowledge out of a book. If the electrician has been doing all levels and types of work, this test will show it. After passing this test, an extensive local, state, and nationwide criminal and sex offender search is done. Once we know what kind of electrical talent and type of person we have, a 90-day probationary period starts. All of this “due diligence” is done for the safety and security of a customer who has no idea who they are relying on. Not all companies go through these necessary steps! The referral from “a friend of a brother’s neighbor” definitely doesn’t provide the peace of mind you need when a stranger is in your home.

Another important area that a consumer should investigate when considering an electrician, is insurance! “Does my electrician have the “state minimum,” or are they capable of covering everything – inside and out?” This is very important! The State of Texas only requires $300,000 to be licensed. Add up the value of your home or business; is the Texas requirement really enough to cover your losses if a home electrical repair mistake is made and your home is damaged?

So, it is easy to see that if a couple of critical points are not verified, there is no telling what type of electrician might ring your doorbell! Avoid the possibility of getting an under-qualified electrician and instead get the expert electrician in Dallas when the safety and security of your home, business, and family is counting on you.  Whether you have a general repair or an electrical emergency, you can trust ElectricMan to get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.


A Certified Electrician Simplifies Your Home Inspection

Have you recently had a home inspection completed or are you getting ready to purchase a home and don’t understand the inspection report? A certified electrician at ElectricMan can help you figure out exactly what the inspector found and what it all means. Having your home inspection deciphered by ElectricMan can save you time, money and a lot of stress.

Here are some examples of the most common home wiring problems that a certified electrician can remedy:

  • Outdated meter base and riser Certified-Electrician
  • Outdated/Unsafe electrical breaker box
  • Oversized fuses or breakers
  • Double-tapped circuits
  • Improper outdoor wiring
  • Improperly spliced wires
  • Incorrectly wired receptacles
  • No ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) around all outdoor, garage, kitchen and bathroom areas
  • Inoperable or missing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Wires resting on ductwork or pipes
  • Frayed, brittle, melted or chewed wiring insulation that is a safety hazards
  • Any ungrounded old style wiring from the 1920s or earlier

These problems may be eyesores, or perhaps you don’t notice them at all, but almost all of them can be hazardous and require immediate attention by a certified electrician. Before you start worrying about your latest home inspection and get knee-deep in all the repairs at once, ElectricMan can help you decode each project and give you a quote on needed repairs. Remember, it’s about your family’s safety, so it’s always best you pick your electrician based on the quality of work and his reputation rather than letting the seller pick the repairman.

If you suspect your home is subject to some of these problems, or for help interpreting your home inspection contact a certified electrician at ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is a trusted, local Dallas electrician with 27 years of experience. For more information visit the ElectricMan website and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.


When Your DIY Disaster Needs a Certified Electrician

Plenty of DIYers can complete an electrical project on their own without the help of a certified electrician. Sure, it’s easy to fix minor annoyances with light fixtures or outlets, but not installations, renovations, and major repairs. That’s because what starts out looking pretty straightforward can quickly turn into a disaster. Here’s a look at four specific examples that ElectricMan Inc. can help sort out.

Certified-ElectricianInstalling a Ceiling Fan
A frustrated woman once called ElectricMan to her Dallas home. Her husband had taken eight hours of his day to replace a ceiling fan only to have it come crashing to the floor when he turned it on. The mistake was easily corrected when ElectricMan came to the rescue. A certified electrician corrected the mistake and installed the fan in less than ten minutes.

Upgrading Kitchen Lights
ElectricMan routinely receives calls from customers who try to replace fluorescent kitchen light bulbs. Not knowing how to get the light to work is the biggest problem. The lights won’t work when you turn them on if you twist the bulb a full half turn; only a quarter turn is necessary.

Hanging Pictures and Striking a Wire
You wouldn’t think hanging pictures or shelves on a wall would result in the need to call a certified electrician. However, if you hammer a nail through the wall and hit a wire, you will need ElectricMan to come to the rescue. Be careful where you hammer, and if you’re not sure where your home’s wiring is, contact this Dallas electrician in advance.

Repairing/Replacing a Light Fixture
You may feel fully capable of repairing or changing out a light fixture; however, if you have aluminum wiring—which is possible if your home was built before 1972—don’t even attempt it yourself. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors states that homes wired with aluminum wires are 55 times more likely to have “fire hazard conditions” than homes wired with copper. Aluminum wire connections require special techniques and certification to work with them. That’s why a certified electrician is your best bet for repairing or replacing a light fixture in these circumstances.

Contact ElectricMan today to prevent a DIY disaster, or for any other electrical needs. ElectricMan is your trusted, local certified electrician with 27 years of experience. For more information, visit the ElectricMan website. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.



The best Dallas electrician works with everything from large home electrical installations to installations as simple as switches. One popular install for the best Dallas electrician is dimmer switches, which are a favorite in many homes, both for their energy-friendly operation and their style.

Dimmer Switches: Why Install Them in Your HomeBest Dallas Electricity

Dimmer switches are an inexpensive item that many homeowners love to add to their electrical setup at home for many reasons.

Dimmers save power, decreasing energy usage significantly and resulting in a lower power bill.

They set the mood and a unique ambiance to a home, whether it’s in the kitchen or the bedroom.

They’re easy to install, even for homeowners.

Dimmer Switch Installation Tips

Even an easy installation can turn tricky, which is why you should call your local electrician to ensure that your dimmer switch install is done correctly. Still, if you feel comfortable doing the installation yourself, here are some tips for a smooth and pain-free dimmer switch installation.

Check the wattage limits on switches to prevent overheating and overloading of the circuits. Dimmers can handle anywhere from 600 to, in some cases, 2,000 watts of power. The key is to not run too many lights on the switch and risk overheating or overloading it, which can be dangerous. You will know if there is something wrong with one of those scenarios if, when you touch the dimmer after installing it and running it, it’s hot to the touch. Warm is normal; hot is not. This is one of the reasons why you should consider calling the best Dallas electrician to help oversee your installation.

Make sure that there are no other dimmers connected to the same circuit. Much like having too many appliances in the same circuit can be a danger, too many dimmers can cause overloading that results in dangerous circumstances and costly repairs.

Never use fluorescent bulbs with dimmer switches. Fluorescent bulbs will not work with dimmer switches. If you really want to use fluorescent lights, you can find some for a pretty hefty price that will run on dimmers.

Ordinary dimmer switches cannot run devices that rely on a motor, like ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are set to run at a specific, predetermined wattage and therefore they are not compatible with dimmer switches, which gradually adjust wattage.

Older styles of dimmers can sometimes interfere with audio equipment, creating a humming or whining noise. The best Dallas electrician can quickly recognize this as a sign that the dimmers are too old. To resolve this issue, you must either install a new dimmer or install a noise filter.

ElectricMan: Answering Your Dimmer Switch Questions

With over 27 years of experience with installations great and small, the best Dallas electrician team at ElectricMan can answer all of your dimmer switch questions and install your dimmer switches properly, quickly, and efficiently. To learn more about our services, visit us here or connect with us on any of our social sites. And if you ever have any questions, please feel free to call us at 972-792-7270 or use the Contact form on our website!
ElectricMan Website



As Texas struggles with 2012 predictions of problems reminiscent of last year’s power outages and power grid malfunctions, residents are scrambling to find a Dallas electrician that can provide answers and help them create contingency plans Dallas-Electricianto ensure they are minimally affected. Electric Man, a reputable Dallas electrician provider for over 27 years, provides some insight into the situation facing Texans today and what they can do to avoid costly and inconvenient side effects stemming from such possible scenarios.

A Look Back At 2011

Texas residents suffered damaging and costly electrical problems in 2011. Three major blackout incidents, two of which happened in the winter months of February and December respectively, left residents without heat and without power for hours and, in some cases, days at a time. Equally distressing was the 71-day drought that had Texans begging their local Dallas electrician for relief, as 100-plus degree heat waves weakened the power grid once again and left residents without air conditioning or electricity.

2012: Not Much Better

Unfortunately, 2012 does not seem to be the year for relief. Experts warn that several factors point to an even more severe blackout and power grid problem in the state of Texas for 2012.

  • Growing consumption across the state.
  • Government-imposed environmental constraints to reduce emissions which have shut down power plants.
  • The inability of state governments to add capacity to the state’s sole, weakened power grid.
  • Forecasts of higher-than-average temperatures combined with yet another drought season.

 These factors translate into miserable, costly blackouts and power grid failures throughout North Texas.

Dallas Electrician Company Provides Solutions

There are some solutions for customers looking stay ahead of the game when it comes to protecting their home and appliances from the inconvenient and sometimes dangerous electrician-Dallasconditions that stem from power grid failures. With the help of a knowledgeable electrician, Dallas residents can acquire an indoor generator, which can serve as an effective emergency power source for your home or business in the event of a blackout.

One of the most convenient features of these indoor generators is that there is no need to use electricity to recharge the battery bank that runs the generator. Without the mess of a fuel-powered engine generator, customers can count on reliable and steady power output and a quiet supply of power for your appliances. Furthermore, the convenience of a solar-power or wind-power battery charge ensures that customers need not worry about using electricity to recharge generator batteries.

For over 27 years, Electric Man has been a leading provider of Dallas electrician services for residential and commercial customers. There is no job too big or too small. Call Electric Man today at 972-792-7270 and connect on our social media sites…


The Dangers Of DIY Electrical

DIY-Electrical-2As a Dallas Electrician with over 27 years of experience, ElectricMan Inc. has seen many of the dangers of DIY Electrical first hand, and has often been called in to make repairs after a DIY home improvement project has gone wrong, or the home owner realized that they were in over their head. The experience to take on any electrical home improvement project is something that is obtained by years of professional training and experience under a Licensed Master Electrician. That kind of experience isn’t something that the average Do-It-Yourselfer has, even if you do consider yourself a Jack-Of-All Trades.

One of the biggest dangers of DIY Electrical work is simply the fact that electricity can be deadly when not handled properly. Many DIY home improvement projects are often done in a hurry, and without proper planning. Something as simple as forgetting to switch off the breaker, using the wrong tools for the job, or even accidentally brushing up against the wrong wire can send high voltage coursing through a human body, easily causing burns, ventricular fibrillation (uncontrolled movement of the heart muscles), and death. We are so accustomed to being able to flip a switch and use electricity in our daily life that we often forgot how powerful it truly is.

One of the major causes for DIY Electrical accidents is unfamiliarity with the electrical circuits in your home. Due to shoddy electrical workmanship in many older homes, it is often difficult to tell which outlets, appliances, and lighting fixtures are on a given circuit, especially if your breaker box was improperly labeled, or if the labeling has faded over time. Most home owners will simply switch off breakers until they see the lights turn off in the area that they will be working, and assume it is safe to start working. This is an incredibly dangerous practice since it is not always the case that all outlets and lighting fixtures in an area will be on the same circuit. A Licensed Dallas Electrician will be familiar with standard wiring practices and will know the proper way to test the circuit that they will be working on to ensure that it is safe.

DIY-ElectricalAnother huge benefit to using a licensed electrician for your home electrical work is that they will be well versed in all of the building and safety codes required to make sure the job is done right. The reason that this is important is two-fold. First, it is legally required to adhere to all building and safety codes, and if you ever intend on selling your home or having it inspected for any other reason, a DIY Electrical repair or addition will cause your home to fail inspection if building and safety codes are not followed to the letter, generally costing you more money later down the line to have an improperly performed job repaired. Secondly, and even more important, is the fact that building and safety codes are put in place for a reason. If you are not familiar with these codes or do not follow them, you are putting yourself and your family at risk of electrical shock, electrical fires, and injury or death due to a faulty repair.

A reliable Licensed Dallas Electrician such as ElectricMan Inc. will ensure that any home improvement project involving electricity in your home is completed correctly, in compliance with all of the proper safety and building codes, and will guarantee their work to ensure a successful outcome, and the safety of you and your family. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities and experience of ElectricMan Inc. or discuss a project or repair that you are planning for your home, reach out to us today by phone at 972-792-7270, or visit us at our website at www.electricmaninc.com!


Tips For Remodeling Lighting

Remodeling lighting can be one of the most impactful elements when changing the look and feel of your home. As a Top Dallas Electrician, we know that whether you are remodeling, or starting fresh, some of the most versatile lighting options available are recessed can lighting, and pendant lighting. These types of lighting offer you the most flexibility, and the most visible improvement over unsightly light fixtures installed throughout your home.

Recessed can lighting allows you to fill a room with light, or highlight a particular area depending on your needs, and pendant lighting can accent a space beautifully such as a kitchen island, bar style counter, or eating area. Using these lighting styles in conjunction can help you recreate anything from a clean, modern kitchen, to a comfortable living room, or an elegant dining area, and anything else in between!

If you are looking for some help, or consultation for Remodeling Lighting in your home, feel free to reach out to Top Dallas Electrician ElectricMan Inc. by phone at 972-792-7270, or contact us through our website at www.electricmaninc.com


Pendant and Recessed Can Lighting For An Affordable Home Makeover

Dallas Electrician Affordable Home MakeoverWorking with thousands of homeowners as a Top Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. has taken part in just about every home improvement project you can think up. Unfortunately, many homeowners’ plans for their dream home makeover have been put on hold due to a lack of funds. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to perform an Affordable Home Makeover for a lot less than you might think.

By far, the most dramatic way to change the look and feel of your home, without a complete makeover, is by simply changing the way it shines! The lighting in your home plays a huge role in the first impression that you get when you walk into a room, and can be one of the major determining factors in setting the ambiance and overall feel of the room. By installing the proper recessed lights and pendant lights, along with chandeliers in your home, you will be able to accent the existing décor you already have.

Recessed can lighting will clean up your ceiling and do away with unsightly light fixtures installed everywhere.  When installing a recessed can, the type of trim is essential to maximizing the amount of light that you can get in an area.  A baffled or recessed trim will create a spotlight effect, whereas a flush mount trim allows the light to start at the ceiling and move throughout the room.  This gives a much more even look upon finished product.  Any electrician that has done a lot of installations should be able to guide you in the proper direction so that the style of lighting that you are looking for will be achieved.  Be careful attempting these by yourself, drywall will need to be cut for installation, and you never know where a wire or plumbing pipe may be hiding.

Pendant lighting is also making a big hit right now.  This type of lighting can be used to decoratively light up kitchen islands and kitchen bar-type counters.  This is a creative way to separate your kitchen from your living room.  Typically, homes are not pre-wired for these lights, and wiring will have to be added before they can be installed.  We highly suggest when wiring for these lights, that a new switch leg be installed for independent control.  As always, installing new wiring to your existing electrical should be done by a top Dallas electrician.

Depending upon your tastes in furniture, replacing a living room of furniture can cost ten or twenty thousand dollars! Updating the lighting in the same room can drastically change the look and feel of the room, often for less than one thousand dollars. Replacing lamps and old fixtures with recessed can lighting and a classy chandelier can transform a dim dreary space into a room that you can be proud of. Switch out the chandelier with a nice ceiling fan that compliments the room, and you can even do your part in going green with the energy savings that come with using a fan to circulate the air in your home instead of relying constantly on your energy hogging air conditioning system!

If you need some help in creating your own Affordable Home Makeover by replacing the out of date lighting in your home, contact Top Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. to discuss the options available to upgrade your home. Feel free to contact ElectricMan Inc. by phone at 972-792-7270, or through the contact form on our website at www.electricmaninc.com.


Choosing A Trustworthy Electrician

As a Top Dallas Electrician, in today’s economy, I’m amazed at all of the companies that have been losing their Better Business Bureau ratings due to sloppy work and customer service. In the last few months, the BBB has dropped business’ ratings, or their BBB listing entirely, due to sloppy workmanship and unacceptable customer service practices.

Here at ElectricMan Inc., where we strive on a daily basis to maintain our A+ rating as a BBB Accredited Business, we don’t understand this way of thinking. Customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors, and even in an economy where customers and businesses may be struggling, it is never acceptable to lower the quality of service or your customers’ experience.

How do we achieve this level of customer service?

  • Before employment, all of our technicians must pass a written in-house test that gives a true picture of how much experience and knowledge they have. This test cannot be passed by technical knowledge alone, but requires experience developed through time in the field, performing a wide variety of electrical projects successfully. This test eliminates any candidates that aren’t familiar with the proper procedures to exceed industry standards in their workmanship.
  • Unlike some businesses who simply collect references as a technicality, ElectricMan Inc. personally calls all of a candidate’s previous employers and personal references to verify their working habits and stability.
  • We perform a local, state, and nationwide criminal and sex offender background search.
  • We train all of our employees in the “ElectricMan Way” of doing business. Honesty and integrity always come first.
  • Our technicians work on an hourly basis, not commission, so there is no incentive for them to “upsell” our customers for something they don’t want or need.
  • Communication is key for both our company and our customers. All estimates, costs, and recommendations are communicated effectively upfront to ensure that there are no surprises in the cost of the services we will perform for you.
  • Most importantly, if a problem ever arises regarding the service that you have received or the workmanship of our technicians, we are always available to personally discuss and address your concerns to come up with a solution to ensure your satisfaction.

As the owner of ElectricMan Inc., I am so confident in our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs that I am including my personal mobile phone number here to ensure that our high level of customer service is never jeopardized.  If you ever have any concerns regarding the level of service, or the quality of the work that you receive from ElectricMan Inc. please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally. You can reach me, Nick Schaeffer, Master Electrician and Owner of ElectricMan Inc., at 972-898-8098. I will always be happy to do everything that I can to make your experience with my company an enjoyable one.

At ElectricMan Inc, We will always go the extra mile!


Older Home Electrical Safety With A Licensed Dallas Electrician

With over 1 million homes in the Dallas area over 20 years old, older home electrical safety is a major concern that should be assessed by a licensed Dallas electrician. Many homes in the 70’s and 80’s were built with electrical wiring and breaker panels that have been known to be a fire and electrical shock hazards. If you live in one of these older homes, and it has not been updated, it is very important that you have a licensed Dallas electrician come out and take a look at the electrical system in your home, to ensure your family’s safety.