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Top Seasonal Emergency Electrician Calls | ElectricMan to the Rescue

Each season comes with its set of reasons to call an emergency electrician. While you hopefully won’t be affected by all of these problems this year, there’s always the possibility that you’ll need to phone a 24-hour electrician to take a look at one or two emergencies on this list.


  • Air conditioner stops working: Check to see if the breaker is tripped. If the breaker is tripped, go to the thermostat and turn off the cooling unit. After you have turned off the thermostat, go back to the breaker and turn the breaker all the way off before resetting it to the ‘on’ position. If the breaker trips again, call an emergency electrician. If it doesn’t trip, turn the thermostat back on. If the breaker trips once the AC is on, you will need to contact an AC repairman.
  • Window AC unit trips circuit breakers: Air conditioning and refrigeration consumes a hefty amount of electricity. Running a hair dryer or vacuum on the same circuit as the window AC unit may be enough to trip the circuit breaker. To prevent overloading the circuit, use the labels in the breaker box to connect high electricity-consuming devices to outlets on a circuit other than the one the window AC unit is on.


  • Trees fall on the electric meter boxes and risers: The weather is unpredictable in the spring and fall, which can lead to a downed tree on your property. Even if it barely scrapes your home, this could be enough to rip the electric meter base and riser off of the outer wall of your house. An emergency electrician is the person you trust to get things sorted out and fixed in order to get the power turned back on to your home.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) replacement: The spring and fall are as good a time as any to test GFCIs. If you have old outlets in your bathrooms or kitchen, replace them with GFCI receptacles as soon as possible to prevent potential shock. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency; call an electrician for this task.



Learn what common seasonal electrical emergencies call for an emergency electrician to come take a look.

  • Portable electric heaters trip circuit breakers: Portable heaters consume quite a bit of electricity. If they are plugged into an outlet on a nearly maxed-out circuit, perhaps one poweringChristmas lights, they could overload it and trip the circuit breaker. Circuits trip to prevent damage to the wiring of the electrical system, but knowledge of which outlets are on a circuit can prevent this from happening.
  • Wet electrical connections could cause your GFCI to short out: Electricity and water don’t mix. If any electrical device in or outside your home gets wet it could cause part of your home to short out. Knowing where your GFCIs are located and which outlets they control, can remedy this problem. If not, an emergency electrician is your best bet for pinpointing and correcting the problem.

If you’re experiencing an electrical emergency, please contact ElectricMan today. ElectricMan is a trusted, local emergency electrician with 27 years of experience. For more information visit the ElectricMan website, and don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



Power overloads are one of the many scenarios an emergency electrician can help a homeowner address and prevent. In the event of an electrical emergency like a power emergency-electricianoverload, which can be the result of faulty wiring, only a qualified emergency electrician will be thorough enough to find the problem, repair it and help you avoid it in the future.

Overloads, though seemingly minor issues, are, in fact,  one of the most overlooked and dangerous problems you can have with your electrical system. An overload can cause everything from electrical shorts to fires. What’s more, a power overload is one of the most avoidable electrical problems—you don’t have to let it get to the point of electrical emergency.

What is an Overload and What are the Causes?

During a power overload, the circuit gets overwhelmed and shuts itself off. It’s a common occurrence in many homes. For instance, you could have the microwave, a rice cooker and a stove running off the same circuit in your kitchen when you suddenly notice that your power goes out in the kitchen while it stays on in the rest of the house. Then you check the breakers and realize that the breaker wasn’t tripped.

Because they see things like this all the time, licensed electricians can easily identify the source of the trouble. There are generally three main causes of power overloads.

  •  Melting wires. An overloading a circuit—meaning too many appliances are running on one power circuit at a time—can cause wires to melt and become damaged and shorted. This common problem can be very dangerous, which is why many electricians recommend that, particularly in your kitchen and living room areas, circuits should run individually from separate power sources in order to prevent overloading.
  • Changing weather. The use of window A/C units and space heaters, which use massive amounts of power, can wreak havoc on your circuits and overload them. In fact, A/C units require so much power to function that even the units by themselves can overload a circuit. As with other sources of overloads, running these units on a separate circuit and with their own source of power can help prevent a bigger problem.
  • Old wiring. An emergency electrician is often called to address power overloads in older homes that have antiquated wiring. This is where it pays off to have an experienced licensed electrician troubleshooting your electrical system, because this kind of overload is tough to diagnose without an emergency electrician who is familiar with the way older homes are wired. Today’s homes are built to prevent problems like bathroom circuit overloads, where using hair dryers that require a lot of power wattage to function can easily blow a circuit. In fact, new homes often include separate circuits for heavy-power usage rooms like the bathrooms, kitchen and family room areas. If you have an older home, it may be worth it to have an experienced electrician take a look at the home’s wiring.

 Power overloads are preventable with a little thought and planning. When ignored, however, they can result in very costly repairs—or worse.

 Electric Man: Emergency Electrician to the Rescue

Are you experiencing a power overload or another issue that requires an electrical troubleshoot? Electric Man’s emergency electrician crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your electrical emergency. Give us a call today at 972-792-7270 to learn more about our emergency electrician services. You can also connect with us on any of our social networks!

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Generators For Condos By Renewable And Emergency Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

Generators For CondosSo many people consider a condo or  apartment their home, yet traditional Generators For Condos and apartments have been banned by many of these facilities and homeowner associations because of pollution, noise, and limited space.  This has left condo residents at the mercy of the often unstable power supply, and requires them to simply make due with candles and flashlights while they wait for power to come back on in the event of a failure. This doesn’t need to be the case anymore with information on Generators For Condos by renewable energy/Emergency Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

Indoor Generators For Condos have now become available to make it easy for condo and apartment residents to make sure they have the safety and security of an emergency backup power system without breaking any rules, dealing with messy fuels, or causing any pollution! This is a huge step forward not only for providing reliable electricity during an outage and maintaining comfort in your home, but it also allows peace of mind, especially if you rely on home medical equipment to maintain your health, knowing that you never have to be without power. Whether it’s because of a common power grid failure, or even a natural disaster that leave millions without power every year, you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to go without safe reliable backup power just because you are subject to rules about Generators For Condos from your homeowner association.

You may find yourself thinking, “But I don’t have room in my condo for a bulky generator!”, but you might be surprised. Contrary to traditional bulky generators, the Indoor Generator is custom made for you to fit your available space and looks more like a stylish piece of furniture than an emergency power supply. Available in many colors and styles, one of these Generators For Condos can replace a side table, TV stand, or simply be a small decorative cabinet in the corner of your room or outdoors on your patio, going unnoticed while standing by to give you instantaneous relief when the power fails while your neighbors search for their candles and flashlights.

With Generators For Condos by renewable energy/Emergency Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. the only thing you may have to worry about when you use generators for condos, is the unexpected visitors that you may receive when your condo neighbors realize that the power is out, and you are still watching TV! But who doesn’t love meeting their neighbors?

To learn more about Generators For Condos, and other services from renewable energy/Emergency Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. visit our website at www.electricmaninc.com or give us a call at 972-792-7270!