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Top Plano Electrician | How Arc Fault Circuit Breakers Can Save Lives And Improve Home Safety

Editor’s Note: This article has been edited and updated from its original content with permission from National News Today. To view the original article please visit

As a Top Plano Electrician, I know better than anyone how powerful and useful electricity is. It also makes me more aware of what most people tend to ignore or forget: electricity is dangerous. Electricians are required by law to carry insurance, and for good reasons. Electric current is capable of starting fires and destroying your property and equipment in a matter of moments. The proper safety precautions really can save lives, and there‘s always something we can do to improve home safety.

One of the most important precautions is located in your electrical panel: the circuit breaker. It is designed to keep you from using more electricity than the wiring or receptacle can handle at one time, what we refer to as overcurrent protection. This protects your wiring from taking on too much current, which can cause the coating around your wiring to melt, the leading cause of electrical fires. Circuit breakers serve another purpose as well; not only to protect from surges coming from outside your home, but from potential hazards within it as well. Current flowing through a failed piece of equipment or appliance can cause sparks, which have the potential to start fires or damage other electrical devices. A properly functioning circuit breaker can shut off the power to this device. It’s very important, however, that you use a circuit breaker of the proper size for the circuit to ensure that your wiring is properly protected.

Circuit breakers come in specialty varieties as well; the most important are ground fault circuit breakers (GFCI), for wet locations, and arc fault circuit breakers (AFCI). AFCI’s, in particular, can help prevent some of the most common dangerous situations in your home.

I’ve dealt with plenty of cases where electrical fires have started because people ran an extension cord under the carpet, so that they can power the lamp in the center of the room. Over time, people walking over the cord stretches out the wiring, making it so thin that the current overloads the thinly stretched wire, creating an arc fault; the electricity “jumps” the wire, completing the circuit in a way the cord can’t handle and generating heat that starts a fire. Arc fault circuit breakers prevent this by shutting the circuit down when the arc fault occurs.

So what do you need to know about arc fault circuit breakers? To start with, by code AFCI’s should be installed on any circuit that isn’t protected by a GFCI or directly wired into an appliance. It’s in your best interest to have your safety devices routinely inspected to maintain their optimum performance and capabilities; in particular, your circuit breakers should be inspected at least once a year. The inspection process is quick and relatively inexpensive, and something that simple really can save the lives of you and your family.

You can trust ElectricMan to help and get the job done right. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t ever hesitate to give us a call! Visit our website to learn more or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.



Looking for a Plano TX electrician who is talented AND cost-effective can be a bit of a challenge. However, budget-conscious homeowners in North Texas run the risk of falling prey to phony electricians who take advantage of them by doing shoddy and dangerous work with the pretense of cheaper rates. Not only do these homeowners end up duped and with a mess on their hands, but they must call and pay another Plano TX electrician to come fix the work that the first company did, spending much more than they would have otherwise spent.

The Risks of Falling for Scams

Your home’s electrical work is too important to risk getting scammed by a bad electrician. Whether you’re looking for a Plano electrician to take care of an emergency job, or you’re simply looking for someone to inspect your current electrical setup, the cost of ending up with a bad contractor is worth the time spent looking for a good one.

The tips below can help you prevent scams and find an honest and qualified electrician in Plano, TX for your electrical repairs and installations.


  • Get three estimates. This is probably the most important thing you can do before hiring an electrician in Plano TX or anywhere for that matter. Getting three estimates will help you determine what the median price is for the work you need done, and it will help you spot and avoid electrician scams and phony electricians. For example, if one of the estimates is substantially lower than the other two, there is a good chance that there is something wrong with that contractor and you should stay away from hiring them.
  • Take your time finding the right person, even if the job is an emergency. Just because you have a rush job on your hands doesn’t mean you should hire someone in a rush. That is how mistakes happen and people fall into the phony electrician trap. Look around for a Plano TX electrician that you feel confident will do the job well. Otherwise, you risk the rush job turning into a long-term job.
  • Check the electrician’s license. Texas law requires that all electricians carry their state license with them and show it to a customer upon request. A good electrician will have no problem showing you their license upon arrival, so don’t be shy about asking to see it the moment they arrive at your home.Phony-electricians
  • Watch the electrician at work. Don’t be afraid to look on as the electrician works. Also, don’t be afraid to ask him to show you specifically what he has done when the job is complete. It’s your right to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for. Too many times people have hired electricians and taken their word that the work was completed, only to find out that nothing was done and they were duped out of money.

Electric Man: Honest and Reliable Electricians Plano TX

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to scams and phony electricians. Find a Plano electrician who will listen to your concerns, do the work that you asked for thoroughly, honestly and reliably, and who won’t take advantage of your needs. Electric Man has been providing Plano Tx electrician services to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area for over 27 years. Our services range from simple fixture installations and routine maintenance to major power emergencies. To learn more about Electric Man, call us today at 972-792-7270, visit us online or connect with our social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. If you have any other questions for Electric Man, leave in the comments section of our blog, and we’ll get right back to you!

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Plano Electrician Saves You Time

and Money by Troubleshooting Common Power Problems over the Phone

If you are looking for a Plano electrician, you undoubtedly want one who cares about saving you time and money. Many electricians, even good ones, are motivated by money, so it is rare to find one that will share with you this trade secret: not all problems require a visit from an electrician. Fortunately, right here in Plano, TX, there is an electrician willing to troubleshoot common problems over the phone. This is a great benefit to customers, who can handle some issues without waiting around for a service call or shelling out tons of cash. The electrician Plano homeowners can call for advice is Electric Man, and here are a few scenarios that have been resolved over the phone:

  • A non-functional air conditioner can be a big problem! Fortunately, it is also problem that can sometimes be solved over the phone. Because the air conditioning system is complex, it could be any number of things, but one of the most common issues is a circuit breaker that has been tripped by a power surge. A kindly electrician can help you solve this over the phone, or walk you through determining if it is a different problem.
  • GFCI-Plano-electricianThe outside outlets have stopped working.  This is an issue around the holidays, when people plug in their Christmas lights and discover that the outdoor power is out. By calling an electrician, Plano, Tx homeowners can save themselves time and money, because the problem is usually the GFCI.  A GFCI is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and external outlets are fitted with it for safety reasons. Anyone can reset the GFCI, and an electrician does not need to be there; he can talk you through it over the phone.
  • Ceiling fans can have issues. Especially if you installed it yourself, unclear directions may have confused you. Because most ceiling fans have four wires that hook into three leads in your ceiling, it can be tricky, figuring out which wire hooks up to which lead. An electrician can explain how to connect the wires, and in which order. Even if you did not install the ceiling fan yourself, you may have trouble with the lights flickering. This is not usually an electrical problem, but a problem with the light bulbs. Though compact fluorescents save energy, they are not usually a good fit with ceiling fans, which are typically installed on lighting dimmers. A good electrician can tell you when something as simple as a bulb change can solve your problem.

Electrical systems all fit certain specifications, but electricians are not all the same. For a Plano electrician who knows the ropes and cares about your needs, consider Electric Man, Inc. To learn more, connect with us on all our social sites, or call us (972)792-7270.


Texas Residents Face Blackouts in 2012 According to Plano Electrician

Electrician-PlanoTexas power customers, exasperated over last year’s bout of power outages and rolling blackouts, can expect 2012 to be as bad or even worse, according to Plano electricians.  With a new round of government-imposed environmental constraints, a lack of desire by the utilities to install new capacity, forecasts of higher-than-average temperatures, and the continuation of the drought, power production will be low, while consumption will continue to rise across the state.  Plano electrician, ElectricMan, warns consumers to prepare now to avoid the nearly inevitable blackouts that Texans will undoubtedly face during 2012.

 The list of issues concerning the supply of electricity in Texas is long.  First, the state has its own power grid, so it is essentially isolated from the rest of the nation.  It can’t get power from the outside during peak demand periods.  Plus, new rules from the EPA went into effect January 1 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, forcing the immediate shutdown of two power plants in the state.   On top of that, since all power plants need a supply of cooling water to operate, the state’s drought and low water tables may force up to 3000 megawatts of power-generating equipment to shut down as early as May.  According to Plano, TX electricians, one plant was forced to shut down in 2011 for lack of water.  Add to this an increasing population and projected record summer temperatures, and the likelihood of blackouts will be at an all-time high.

Indoor-GeneratorFortunately, for customers of Texas power utilities, it is possible to avoid the headaches and potential damage to electrically-operated appliances in a blackout with some foresight and wise investing.  By using a savvy electrician, Plano TX residents can take advantage of the latest technology in back-up power systems to service their houses during power outages.  Homeowners can continue to enjoy all the creature comforts they expect, even if their neighbors are in total darkness.

The latest advancement in backup power supplies is the Indoor Generator, which uses a bank of batteries to provide emergency power to the home.  Unlike traditional engine-driven units, these indoor generators are quiet, require no messy fuel handling, have no smell, and produce a more efficient supply of power for home appliances.  Even better, customers don’t have to use power from the power company to charge the batteries.  Renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, can be used to charge the batteries by installing solar panels or a wind turbine along with the unit.

A reliable, reputable Plano, TX electrician can set up customers with a system like this quickly thanks to innovations such as the Power Cart, a mobile trailer which combines a battery-based indoor generator with four solar panels and an optional wind turbine.  The indoor generator takes advantage of the sun and wind when available to power the batteries, relying only on the power company or second backup generator if the batteries deplete.  The system can provide a continuous 3.6 kilowatt output, and has on-board electronics to tell the Power Cart to sell power back to the power company using wind or solar power when possible.


About ElectricMan Inc: Dallas Electrician, ElectricMan, Inc. has more than 27 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work and is a family owned and operated business that puts family first.  ElectricMan’s motto is “Quality Electrical Services”. We achieve this through our employees. Our professional, licensed, experienced technicians are here to serve your electrical service and repair needs. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us by phone at 972-792-7270 for your next electrical repair or improvement project!



As a Plano TX electrician, I can tell you that the year 2011 was a dramatic and eye-opening experience for those of us who realized that our electrical grid is unreliable when it attempts to function in less-than-ideal situations. Any Plano electrician can tell you that without viable solutions to the problem of an easily weakened power grid, North Texas runs into difficulties which can be both costly and potentially dangerous.

North Texas Electricity: A Year In Review

Let’s take a look at the last year’s power grid problems and how they affected our North Texas population.

  • February, 2011: Rolling blackouts during Super Bowl week. Icy, chilly weather took out power in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, forcing area utilities companies electrician-plano-txto rotate electrical outages throughout North Texas. Some Dallas residents reported being without power for hours at a time, without heat or electricity during one of the coldest nights of the year due to the weakened power grid, which couldn’t handle the overload that resulted from the icy weather.
  • August, 2011: A hot, dry, difficult summer. Plano-electricianMounting air conditioning use and increased electricity demand during a 71-day hot streak of over 100-degree weather in August forced the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, also known as ERCOT, to consider going into rolling power outages. The outages, ERCOT said, would ease a surplus of demand for electricity and prevent a wider blackout. During one of the worst droughts in the history of Texas, when temperatures were scorching and unbearable, the power grid failed again, unable to keep up with the demand for electricity.
  • December 2011: Rolling blackouts once again threaten North Texas. Although the end of the year was marked with mild weather, ERCOT announced in early December that, thanks to the drought in the summer and low cooling water levels near power plants, there could be another rough winter ahead for North Texas residents. ERCOT’s CEO, Tripp Doggett, said that, although demand could rise to as much as 60,000 megawatts, current power grid conditions would only be able to accommodate about 57,000 megawatts.

Indoor Generator: Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Given all the difficulties we experienced last year as a result of an unreliable power grid, isn’t it time for us to consider solutions that would put reliable power back in our homes? One of those solutions that is worth taking a look at is an indoor generator. Having an indoor generator in your home can:

  • Keep your home powered up during an outage.
  • Prevent your food from spoiling during a long blackout.
  • Maintain comfortable and safe temperatures in your home during an outage.
  • Provide a fuel-free, battery or solar energy powered alternative to gasoline-fueled generators.
  • Provide a noise-free, silent solution to your power needs.
  • Switch automatically to the most efficient power source.

Consider talking to your Dallas electrician today to find out more about indoor generators and how you can be prepared in 2012 for any blackouts and outages that come our way.

Dallas Electricians You Can Trust

With over 27 years of electrical experience, Electric Man Inc. has seen too many families in danger as a result of careless and unnecessary oversights in the use of lighting and electronics. With a little care, a lot of caution and some common sense, your family can enjoy the candy and the costumes and not have to be worried about fires.

For more information on electrical safety and how you can protect your home and your family, or if you need a local Dallas electrician to help you with any electrical issues you may have, check out our other blogs at and connect with us…

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Dallas Electrician Installs Reliable Renewable Energy for Off-Grid Kaufman Home

Indoor Generator Provides 20,000 Watts of Stored Renewable Energy to a Ranch Home, Even When All External Power Supply is Unavailable

Reliable Renewable EnergyDallas, TX  December 30, 2011– Doug Kerr is the proud owner of a stretch of land located in the rural area of Kaufman County (Texas) where the air is fresh and the hustle and bustle of city life is non-existent. One thing Doug’s land doesn’t have, however, is a city power grid. Traditionally, to gain access to power in an area that hasn’t already been included on the electrical grid, you can pay the local electrical provider a large sum to run new electrical service to your location, or be forced to use noisy, polluting, and high-maintenance fuel-powered generators.

Fortunately, Doug found a much better option when he called ElectricMan Inc., a local Dallas and Plano electrician. ElectricMan Inc. is the exclusive North Texas provider of the Indoor Generator, a system that utilizes the latest technology in power storage, partnered with reliable renewable energy options to pioneer electrical independence not only for off-grid applications, but any residence or business that could benefit from more reliable electrical service and lower electrical costs.

Using a vertical access wind turbine, ElectricMan Inc. takes advantage of the abundant wind rolling across Doug’s land, from any direction, to provide a consistent source of electricity for the custom-built Indoor Generator unit installed in his home. The Indoor Generator system itself contains 20 maintenance-free deep-cell AGM batteries capable of storing 20,000 watts of on-demand power—enough electricity to run the household for an entire week or two, even if the wind doesn’t blow at all.

Keeping in mind that no matter how reliable your system is, a backup power plan is always important. The Indoor Generator is also compatible with an external gas powered generator that will run and charge the system at the same time in the event of an emergency, or the unlikely case that the wind doesn’t blow for an extended period of time. This is where the innovative versatility of the system makes it uniquely capable to reliably power a home. With thousands of programmable commands, the Indoor Generator has the capability to utilize multiple incoming power sources, and automatically switch between options such as grid power if it is available, stored battery power, wind turbines, solar panels, or a gas-powered generator, dependent upon what option is readily available and efficient.

The innovations that are integrated into the Indoor Generator system now give any home or business access to a constant supply of clean power, increasing safety, security, and longevity of electrical systems and appliances, while providing the opportunity for electrical independence to anyone.

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan Inc. is a licensed Dallas and Plano electrician serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area with 27 years of experience in electrical repair and installation, offering fast 24-hour service for residential and commercial needs. ElectricMan Inc. is now offering state-of-the-art backup power systems that exceed current emergency power standards while also providing a homeowner or business owner with the ability to have multiple options for emergency power, as well as the option to switch to the most efficient power supply available during normal usage to reduce energy costs in the long run. Call ElectricMan Inc. today at 972-792-7270 for a free quote on your next electrical project!


Local Dallas and Plano Electrician Discusses 10 Ways To Prepare For Power Outages

Prepare For Power OutagesAs a local Dallas and Plano electrician, ElectricMan Inc. wants to make it a little easier for local residents and businesses to prepare for power outages that can come with higher stress on the power grid during extreme weather. With temperatures well into triple digits, and yesterday’s announcement by ERCOT of an Energy Emergency Level 1 Power Watch, power supplies are straining to keep up. It is very important to ensure that you are prepared for a situation where you may find yourself without electricity.

Here are the top ten items to keep in mind when preparing for a power outage in your area.

  1. Alternative Power Options: The best way to avoid hardships without power is to equip your home or business with a backup power system, utilizing stored power, and alternative re-charging/supply sources such as solar or wind generators. This will help you eliminate the need for any of the additional measures below. Add up what can be avoided by having this one option.
  2. Easy Access to Flashlights: Place a reliable flashlight in each room of your home where they can be easily accessed, along with additional batteries.
  3. Contact Information For The Power Company: It will be important to stay informed of the situation by contacting your power provider directly.
  4. First Aid Supplies: Walking around in the dark can be dangerous. Keep enough supplies on hand to treat any injuries that may occur.
  5. Alternative Cooking Methods: If a power outage last for very long, you and your family will inevitably get hungry. A propane stove or supplies for a wood or coal fired grill can be essential in providing food for your family.
  6. Extra Water If You Have A Well: An often forgotten, but vital detail, is the fact that most well water is transported by an electric pump. If the electricity to that pump goes out, you will need another source of clean water.
  7. Emergency Meals: A good idea for meals that are easily prepared without electricity would be canned food or items that can be prepared using simple hot water from your propane stove, or heated quickly to preserve fuel.
  8. Alternative Charging Options: Most communication is accomplished by cellular phone, so it is important to have additional charging methods such as car chargers, or a hand crank charger to keep your phone operational.
  9. Internet Hotspots: In an extended outage, you may need internet to keep up with news, work, or as entertainment. Personal wireless “hotspots” can be charged and provide wireless internet access to a laptop computer, or if the power outage is isolated, you can find out which businesses in your area offer a wireless internet connection. Keep in mind that your battery life will only last for a limited time, so be sure you have alternative charging methods for your computer as well.
  10. Battery or Hand Crank Powered Radio: If your power outage is due to a natural disaster, one of the most reliable ways of obtaining information is the radio. This can keep you up to date on the path of a tornado, or the status of any other natural disaster.

About ElectricMan Inc.

Plano Electrician, ElectricMan, Inc. has more than 27 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work and is a family owned and operated business that puts family first. ElectricMan’s motto is “Quality Electrical Services”. We achieve this through our employees. Our professional, licensed, experienced technicians are here to serve your electrical service and repair needs. For more information, please visit our website at or contact us by phone at 972-792-7270 for your next electrical repair or improvement project!


Local Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. Performs Their Landmark 10,000th Job For a Local Veteran and Retired School District Employee.

Plano ElectricianLocal Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. Performs Their Landmark 10,000th Job For a Local Veteran and Retired School District Employee.

Dallas, TX based ElectricMan Inc., a licensed Dallas and Plano electrician with over 27 years of experience providing electrical repair and installation services, has reached a landmark in their service to the local community by performing their ten thousandth job for local homeowner, retired military veteran, and retired school district employee Mr. Frank Norwood.

As a thank you to Mr. Norwood for his loyal repeat business and a celebration of this huge milestone for the company, ElectricMan Inc. installed a new ceiling fan and ceiling fan rated brace kit in Mr. Norwood’s master bedroom at no charge.  Master electrician and Owner of ElectricMan Inc., Nick Schaeffer, said “We are very excited to have passed this milestone as a company, and are honored and happy to provide this complimentary service to Mr. Norwood, a gentleman who has given so much for this country and the community.”

ElectricMan Inc. is committed to providing the absolute best customer service and reliability in serving the local community’s electrical repair and installation needs.  In light of the current status of many businesses, for a local company to reach the landmark of 10,000 jobs certainly speaks to their character and the quality of service that they provide.

About ElectricMan Inc.

ElectricMan, Inc. has more than 27 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work and is a family owned and operated business based in Dallas, TX that puts family first. ElectricMan’s motto is “Quality Electrical Services”. We achieve this through our employees. Our professional, licensed, experienced technicians are here to serve your electrical service and repair needs. For more information, please visit our website at

ElectricMan Inc.

13551 Floyd Circle

Dallas, TX 75243

Nick Schaeffer, Owner



Advantages To Wind Energy By Local Dallas And Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc.

Advantages To Wind EnergyYou may not have thought about the Advantages To Wind Energy lately, but every month when you get your electric bill in the mail, you may find yourself asking, “Isn’t there a better way?”, or “How can I have lower electric bills?”  As energy costs rise, and the environmental impact of using fossil fuels to generate electricity comes into question, green energy production is becoming an increasingly valuable way to help your home or business do its part in helping the environment, and lowering those high energy costs that drain your funds each and every month.  In an effort to find newer, more sustainable forms of energy, a great opportunity has arisen in harnessing the abundant power of the wind to create electricity yourself, and lower its overall cost.

While many people are familiar with the giant wind farms scattered throughout the plains across the state of Texas, most people aren’t aware that this isn’t the only way to use wind for electricity. Local Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. is now offering something that will definitely spark your interest!

The Advantages To Wind Energy can now be felt by homeowners and business owners through more efficient, highly cost effective, and easily installed wind power generators.  Standing only five feet tall, with the capability of harnessing even a slight breeze coming from any direction, these new wind generators are a drastic improvement on the standard “Propeller Style” wind power generators that most people are familiar with.  Now you don’t need an open field or even a very windy area in order to start declaring your independence from the high costs that electric companies place on the electricity that they provide to you.

Partnered with a system like the Indoor Generator, which allows you to program the system to use stored electricity when it is most efficient for you, you can do two major things.  First, at times when you are creating more energy than you need, that energy can be funneled into a battery system and stored for your higher usage time, avoiding those peak usage premiums that power companies have put in place to raise profits and revenue. Secondly, once your stored supply of electricity is at full capacity, you can actually sell your surplus electricity back to the power company, offering you the possibility of income without any labor on your part!

Everyone is looking for a way to save money these days, so here is one more incredible Advantage To Wind Energy.  If you install a renewable energy system for your home or business before the end of 2016, your entire system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit!

To see this amazing product in action, visit, or to purchase this product locally and learn more about the Advantages To Wind Energy, call your local Dallas and Plano Electrician, ElectricMan Inc. at 972-792-7270 or visit our website at!


Older Home Electrical Safety With A Licensed Dallas Electrician

With over 1 million homes in the Dallas area over 20 years old, older home electrical safety is a major concern that should be assessed by a licensed Dallas electrician. Many homes in the 70’s and 80’s were built with electrical wiring and breaker panels that have been known to be a fire and electrical shock hazards. If you live in one of these older homes, and it has not been updated, it is very important that you have a licensed Dallas electrician come out and take a look at the electrical system in your home, to ensure your family’s safety.